Keep Calm and Prospect On, Brand New Front Entry Packs!

Listen up, Nerium family! We’re making it even easier to build your U.S. Nerium business by adding the amazing NeriumFirm products into BOTH the Success and Premier Enrollment Packs! This will make sure all U.S. Brand Partners can target ALL anti-aging markets even FASTER!


New Brand Partners will now have both NeriumAD Night and Day creams AND the NeriumFirm products in their Entry Packs to share with friends and family who want to try our amazing products right away!


The new Success Pack will have:

2 x NeriumAD Night

2 x NeriumAD Day

3 x NeriumFirm

But wait – there’s more! We’re excited to offer a free bottle of NeriumAD Night and Day when someone enrolls with a Success Pack! That’s right – they’ll be able to use our powerful Product Prospecting System even more effectively, getting them on track to Fast Start Qualify right out of the gate!


The new Premier Pack will have:

6 x NeriumAD Night

6 x NeriumAD Day

8 x NeriumFirms


So now you have all it takes to help your new Brand Partners launch their business and Fast Start Qualify! Which prospects can you think of who’d absolutely rock it with these new kits?


And as always, don’t forget to stay tuned to Team Nerium calls and Nerium University for success tips to build your Nerium business efficiently and effectively.


Keep calm and prospect on!


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  • Rafis says:

    Not attractive. Have like 5 people that was going to enter when I turn back from Long beach and call them is this was there concern. They said: Oh I will stay with a combo for me and only a combo for my friends to test. So now so sad because I’ve been following up them for months and now turning back “(.

    In my opinion you don’t see changes with the firm in 5 days, not everyone is interested in the firm, and not everyone has $1000.00 to have more testers. The past success pack was so great because you have 4 and 4. Sincerely don’t find a way to convinced my people and working so hard. Sorry but I’m So sad with these changes.

    • JRICHARD says:


      I understand your concern with your prospects, however look at it as an opportunity to work with an additional group of people. NeriumFirm could be just the product they need.

  • Sonia says:

    I know Mark Smith mentioned putting people on the ADO for those 3 firm in the smaller kit. Then handing them the firm immediately and then having first order shipped back to us. My approach will be for someone trying to “make back their kit money” to sell them and it would offset the kit expense. However, I do agree with Rafis that my firm customers are not as many as my combo customers. I would love to see a smaller starter pack with 2 day and 2 night for around $200-$250 with materials. Then the Nerium gives back will allow new bps to get more sample sets as they obtain customers. My prospects all say the $499 investment is too large. I also do think though if the purchase at least the $499 they are more likely to run with the business. I am a little torn on it. Curious to see which kit Mexico is enrolling with since they have a smaller kit for Optimera.

    • JRICHARD says:

      Thank you for your feedback, Sonia. Since NeriumFirm is only available in the U.S. at this time, it will not be available in kits sent to Mexico or Canada.

  • JRICHARD says:

    NeriumFirm is only available in the U.S. at this time.

  • JRICHARD says:

    Thank you for your feedback. It is a U.S. only product at this time, and more information will come when it is available for sale outside of the U.S.

  • JRICHARD says:


    Thank you for your feedback. Adding NeriumFirm provides a opportunity for your team members to diversify their customer base and attract new BPs.

  • mary says:

    i too am not happy with the changes. instead of taking the other 2 combos away you could have kept them and added the 2 new ones. That way we would at least had a choice of what we wanted. We use the day and night cream for people to try and with only 2 sets in the 500.00 combo is not enough product. and although the firm is a great product, i can see where we will get stuck with it bc we aren’t able to sell it for retail prices. and also, you don’t even make the day blitz packs available anymore that we can buy to go with the night cream that we earn. This has NOTHING to do with change. change is good as long as it is for the better. like the saying goes, ” if it ain’t broke dont fix it” Not happy.

    • JRICHARD says:

      Mary, thank you for your feedback. Please work with your sponsor to discuss ways to make the new SP work best for your business.

  • JRICHARD says:

    Rafis, thank you for your feedback. Please make some time for with your sponsor to discuss how to engage people you know in your community concerning the business opportunity.

  • Gloria Russell says:


  • Kathy says:

    I think the changes are exciting! Tell the new brand partner they can sell it for retail price or people can take it and have the first shipment sent to them. They could use it as well!!

  • JRICHARD says:


    Thank you for your feedback. Many Brand Partners are making it happen with the new kit configuration. Connect with your upline for personal assistance or reach out to fellow BPs for feedback on how they are making it work.

  • Charlie Watts says:

    I would like to see them add an ADO of 2 bottles of Day Cream, I’m always short day creams. With all the free bottles of NeriumAD I accumulate, I never have enough day creams to share with my prospects.

  • Jane Serr says:

    Hello Ianam,

    Thanks for your inquiry. Nerium products can only be purchased through a Nerium Brand partner. I just happen to be one of those.

    Jane Serr
    Independent Brand Partner, Nerium International

  • Jane Serr says:

    Hi Lori,

    Great question, and we hope soon. I’m a Independent Brand Partner from Canada. Thanks for your inquiry. Have a great day

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