Korea Grand Opening Recap

Thanks to everyone who attended Nerium’s Korea Grand Opening Event! New products were announced, executives shared news and announcements, and the record-breaking start to business in Korea was recalled.

Here are the highlights from our big day!

New Products Announced

Two products, Memory Formula and Nerium Firming Body Contour Cream, Optimera™ Formula, have been added to the product line in Korea.

Dr. Jeffry Stock and Maxwell Stock of Signum BiosciencesTrusted partners from Cosmax and Signum Biosciences appeared on stage to talk about the science behind the new products and how they can help build your business.

Memory Formula is available to Brand Partners for a limited time! Visit neriummemoryformula.kr and your Online Business Center to take advantage of this pre-sale.

Nerium Firming Body Contour Cream, Optimera™ Formula, will be available for Brand Partners and customers on April 14, 2016. Learn more about Firming Body Contour Cream here.

New Product Training

Learn more about Memory Formula and Firming Body Contour Cream at our New Product Launch Training Seminar. It will be at the COEX Conference Room #401 in Seoul from 2 to 4 p.m. (KST) on Thursday, March 10. A special guest speaker, Dr. Seung Nam-Lee, Director of Kangnam Best Hospital, will provide more information about Memory Formula. Nerium staff will teach you all you need to know about Firming Body Contour Cream.

Nerium Partners With World Vision

Our international charity work took a big step forward with the announcement of a partnership with World Vision in Korea.

World Vision donation

Through this partnership, the Nerium Ripple Foundation will provide mentoring and support to children in Seoul. Brand Partners are encouraged to set up monthly donations to World Vision. Details on this program are in your Online Business Center.

Nerium executives kicked off the new partnership by cooking food and preparing lunch boxes for 200 families! They also visited with school children at the Sunhak Community Development Center. Nerium Founder and CEO Jeff Olson, Chief Networking Officer Dennis Winsdor and Korea General Manager BJ Choi led this effort.

We are happy to expand our work with World Vision and encourage Brand Partners to support this worthy cause!

Top Earners Recognized

A big part of Saturday’s event was the recognition of top leaders on stage. More than 200 National Marketing Directors and above were given rank recognition pins.

Regional Marketing Directors

Congratulations to all Brand Partners who were honored on stage. We know you’ll continue to find future success!

Nerium Store Opens at Event

We hope you found time to visit the Nerium Store to pick up the latest tools and gear to help build your business. Look for more information soon about how to visit our online store.

Share Nerium’s Story With Success From Home

Nerium also announced the publication of Success From Home Magazine on Saturday. This third-party publication is an excellent tool for spreading the word about Nerium and its products to prospects.

Purchase your copies today and get started building your business with this publication!

FREE Edge Subscription Extended

All Korean Brand Partners will continue to receive Nerium Edge through March 15. Nerium Chief Field Officer and Gold International Marketing Director Mark Smith led a training session on Saturday that focused on how to leverage Nerium Edge tools to build your business.

After March 15, Brand Partners can continue as Edge subscribers for a monthly fee of 24,000 KRW. This is an advantage you won’t want to pass up, as these tools can be a big part of your path to success.

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