MUST-HAVE Tools to Grow Your Nerium Business!

At Nerium, we are always looking at how to refine and improve our world-class tools to make our Brand Partners more effective and successful. We have made some great updates to some of our top recruiting and training tools, as well as added a few tools to your tool belt!




We’ve just launched an updated version of one of our most important tools- the Nerium Experience video! We have added a closing message from CEO Jeff Olson and Chief Field Officers Mark and Tammy Smith that provides your prospect the full vision of Nerium as well as all the details needed to make a decision to become a Brand Partner.


We have already updated this video in Nerium Communication Center and on your websites! We suggest you download this updated version from your Online Business Center or purchase an updated DVD from the Nerium Store (available starting Monday) to play at your Real Results Parties.


We are excited for you to start using this even more effective tool to grow your business.





We’ve updated Success From Home for the US Spanish and Canadian markets. Each version now features 32 pages of inspirational reading, in either Spanish or French, as well as updated English-language content for the United States and Canada. Grab yours today and check out our amazing tips on how to recruit Spanish speaking prospects in the US or French-speaking prospects in Canada!


So don’t waste any time recruiting more prospects – language is not a barrier!




The FASTEST way to get your Nerium business off the ground is with our new and super easy to use worksheet called “Fast Start Plan”. We’ve simplified everything to help you focus on the right activities to help your new Brand Partner Fast Start Qualify! This simplifies the activities that a New Brand Partner is focused on..


Use this tool in your Fast Start Gameplans in lieu of the Launch & Connect Sheets.


Get your “Fast Start Worksheet” here today!




What do you do at the end of a Real Results Party or Product Party? Not sure? Now we have the perfect tool to seque from the presentation to decision-making time!


Use this tool to guide your prospects down the decision path!


Pair this new document with an application at an RRP or Market Party. Go through the worksheet with your prospect and help them fill it out. It navigates him or her through their first steps to an enjoyable future with Nerium.


These are the three decisions in front of them:


1. Pick your Product (ADO).
– Which breakthrough product would they like to receive at the lowest price?


2. Pick your Pack (which kit do you want to purchase, $500 or $1000).
– How would they like to get started as a Nerium Brand Partner?


3. Pick your Party
– When would they like to have their party to get their product for free and kick-off their Nerium business.


This takes the guesswork out of the next steps for a prospect.


If you are having a product party or have a guest who is only interested in experiencing Nerium’s great products there is a product-only worksheet (link to product worksheet) also available, that directs them to select their product and their party date so they can attain referrals which leads to FREE products! This worksheet should be paired with a PC application.


Everything will be available in the Online Business Center. All you have to do is download, print and hand them out to your team. Then….


Share, share, share!


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