Nerium GoSocial Makes the Most out of Social!

We all love social media for keeping up with friends and family, but how about using it to optimize your Nerium business? Imagine reaching out to all your dearly virtual beloveds (and more) and letting them know all about the beauty of Nerium!


We’re thrilled to be able to tell you about Nerium GoSocial, a set of tools to help optimize your favorite social media networks to build your Nerium business. Nerium GoSocial will be available in November of 2014 to Nerium Edge subscribers in the US, Canada and Mexico and offers assets in English, French and Spanish.


GoSocial will go live in November. Once it’s live, you’ll be able to access GoSocial through your Online Business Center. Using GoSocial gives you access to a gallery of approved social media images and videos to share via Facebook and Twitter. Each piece of content you share ties back to your personal Nerium landing pages! You can also subscribe to feeds centered on Nerium products, business promotions and events. By subscribing to these feeds, you don’t even have to worry about posting – Nerium GoSocial starts the conversation for you by making sure that you’ve got fresh, relevant content on your Twitter and Facebook Page every day!


“GoSocial is a great way to start social media conversations about Nerium,” says Chief Marketing Officer Amber Olson Rourke.  “It can be overwhelming to Brand Partners—what to share and when to share it,” she says. While social media posts don’t always turn into immediate sales, the resulting chats get people thinking and clicking on your personal Nerium website to find out more!


So with Nerium GoSocial, you can build your business effectively and efficiently, and reach an audience further than you could ever imagine! In November, your social media networks will work for you like never before – so get ready to GoSocial!


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  • Denise Brady says:

    OMG! This is the answer to my efforts and prayers for marketizing social networks. I’ve marked my calendar, Have YOU?

  • Kelly Smith says:

    I can’t wait! I Love the improvements, thank you!

  • JW RICHARD says:

    Gwenn, Facebook doesn’t charge fees for using Nerium’s Go Social feeds. You would only be charged if you decided to “promote” or advertise a particular post on your wall.

  • Gwenn Marie says:

    Another FB question? What about the Nerium business page you are asked to create, that is part of Nerium Go Social? Will charges begin in January by Google for FB business pages? Gwenn

    • JW RICHARD says:


      The Nerium business page can be created by you on Facebook. Visit the Social Media videos in the Training section in your Online Business Center to learn how to make a business page. Once your page is complete, then sign up to receive feeds for that page with GoSocial. There are no reports of Google charging for business pages on any network.

  • Clara Escalante says:

    How do i access GoSocial? I am a new brand parnter.

  • My facebook will not connect, I’ve even gone in and changed everything to public for my profile. Something isn’t working as the box that shows public profile with the check mark when setting up shows checked but grey’d out. HELP!!! I’ve been at this for two days

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