The buzz continues to grow around Nerium’s EHT® Supplement. This unique product provides a safe and natural way to enhance brain health.

And Nerium has new tools available for Brand Partners to enhance their business selling EHT! We’ve added more resources to share EHT with prospective customers. They include:

1. A new lead capture page, focused on EHT:
The process is similar to that of other online capture pages. This includes the initial purpose of gaining prospect information to generate an EHT specific auto-responder campaign. It will also allow the prospects to enroll as a Brand Partner, buy EHT or learn more about the product and its benefits. Find your EHT capture page by visiting

2. An EHT brochure:
This is an excellent item to have on hand and share with prospects that are interested in EHT who you meet in person or at a Real Results Party. Order here.

3. EHT Business Cards:
These are especially helpful for Brand Partners who have a large network of people interested in EHT and want to lead with this product. Order here.

4. EHT apparel:
Let the clothes on your back get a conversation going about this unique product! Nerium has a new EHT unisex shirt you can wear to the gym, or when simply running errands and going about your day. Order here.

5. Videos: The two main videos available for prospects, “Nerium Experience” and “Science Behind Great Skin,” have been updated to include EHT. Watch them here, also available in GoShow and the Nerium Communications Center. Order your new EHT resources today!

These new web pages, tools and items are available now for Brand Partners to use. Continue to build your Nerium business around all our anti-aging products.

There are many customer segments that can benefit from EHT, including athletes. EHT is a participant in the Banned Substances Control Program (BSCG), which does extensive testing on supplements to certify they are free of banned substances. This is especially important to college and professional athletes who can use EHT to keep their minds sharp and alert for workouts and competitions.

Nerium is committed to making EHT a cornerstone of its holistic approach to anti-aging. We hope these new sales tools will help you achieve goals and continue to build your Nerium business!

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