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As Nerium reaches new heights following Get Real, we’ve created new tools you can take advantage of to match the many changes we’ve made. From recruiting materials to the products themselves, the items involved with your Nerium business are taking on a fresh, new look going forward.

Nerium Experience Video & Discbrochures

Brand Partners can now share an updated, newly released version of the Nerium Experience Video! This video has fresh new testimonials, with an updated and expanded product story section, highlighting all of the best elements of the Nerium story, and showing why now is the time to start your Nerium business.


To view the Canada English version, click here.

Start using the new Nerium Experience video now! It’s important to start using this video at all your Real Results Parties, as it reflects all the new information on Nerium’s products, enrollment options and more. There is a new version for US, Canada and Mexico so you can tell the same Nerium story no matter what market you’re in!

• All markets: Brand Partners in all markets can download the video in GoShow or the Online Business Center. These versions are also available to share through the Nerium Communication Center.

• English-speaking Prospects in the US and Canada: Additionally, English speaking prospects in the US and Canada can purchase the DVD in the Nerium Store, either as a part of the updated Nerium Experience Discbrochure or on its own.

Success From Home and Beautiful You Magazines
magazinesOur most effective prospecting tools have been updated to reflect updated information on our products, Nerium story and more. PLUS we have created stand-alone 40- page versions of Success From Home in Spanish and in French.

Product Videos, Brochures and Discbrochures
We have created effective tools for you to share the expanded Nerium product story! This includes:

• New product videos entitled “The Science Behind Great Skin” for US, Canada and Mexico.

• High-end and expanded product brochures for US, Canada and Mexico.


Product DiscBrochures with DVD can be purchased in the Nerium Store!
The new Product videos can be found in Nerium Communications Center as well as purchased through the Nerium Store in the DiscBrochures.

global_small2Global Product Training Guide
An excellent resource for all of Nerium’s products. Contains everything from ingredient lists to a helpful glossary and comprehensive FAQ Section.

New Contents for Enrollment Kits
We have streamlined the contents in our kits, allowing new Brand Partners to focus on having success in their first 30 days! The contents are included in kits for all countries (US, CA, MX) so no matter where your new Brand Partner lives, you know how to put them on the path to success.


To get started fast:
We’ve updated our Success Planner and the Success Training CD set, which now includes new training from Chief Field Officers and Gold International Marketing Directors Mark Smith and Tammy Smith, Chief Networking Officer Dennis Windsor and CEO and Founder Jeff Olson. We encourage you to download the new version of the Success Planner from your Online Business Center and listen to the new training audios right away!

To prospect:
• 4 Success From Home Magazines
• 40 New Product Brochures to hand out when sampling bottles for PPS
• 1 Beautiful You Magazine for US and Canada English kits.

Along with the Compensation Plan and applications for Brand Partners to use, the kits will have a new Global Product Training Guide, an extensive guide on the key elements of all Nerium’s products.

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