Reflect Your Youth at Any Age with Nerium

You can love the way you look and feel at any age; just ask any of our 2016 Reflect Your Youth contest winners. Their incredible results and inspirational stories show how real people ranging from their 20s to 70s can be thrilled with their mind and body thanks to Nerium’s anti-aging products.

Let’s meet our 2016 winners and see how Nerium has positively impacted their appearance – and their confidence.



Before Nerium, Nikkie was insecure about her skin. She wouldn’t even wear shorts because she wanted to hide her cellulite. Now, thanks to Nerium, the 28-year-old has seen a complete change in the appearance of her skin and she is thrilled with the way she looks and feels. She has even stopped using foundation and threw out her makeup!

“People my age absolutely need Nerium. I know what I’m putting on my skin today will help me stay youthful in the future.”

“I have high expectations, and Nerium meets those more than anything else out there.”



At 32 years old, Amanda was searching for a solution to her skincare woes. The mother of five was self-conscious about her skin due to discoloration and patchiness. When she found Nerium, her skin began to improve after just one week, feeling soft and smooth. She’s even using less makeup now after the results she’s seen.

“It’s great to feel good about my skin again. I’m so pleased with my results!”

“Nerium works!”



Meet Erika, a 47-year-old who always focused on covering up her skin issues instead of addressing them. Now Erika has switched to a more holistic approach to skincare using Nerium’s products, which have given her healthier and younger-looking skin. She was even carded recently and credits Nerium with her amazing results.

“Nerium’s products are a lifesaver.”   

“I love knowing that my skin is healthy, and that’s why it looks younger.”



Skin woes around her neck and décolletage were an issue for 57-year-old Jan. She decided to tackle the situation using Nerium, and she couldn’t believe the improvements she experienced after only two weeks. She also decided to attack her aging from the inside out, using EHT®  to help her reflect on the outside how she truly feels on the inside.

“My skin was firmer, tighter and brighter. I was amazed, especially after using Nerium for such a short time.”

“I love that Nerium cares about combating aging on all levels – from the inside out.”



Before Nerium, 61-year-old Debbie says her reflection didn’t correlate with how she felt on the inside. She needed skincare products to match her active, healthy lifestyle, and Nerium fit the bill. Debbie now says her skin looks amazing and matches her inner age thanks to Nerium’s nature-based products.

“Nerium is the perfect match between nature-based ingredients and scientific research. I’ve had incredible results.”

“Now, thanks to Nerium, my skin is amazing. My exterior matches the youthfulness I feel inside.”



Meet Alfredo, a 70-year-old with more than 50 years of experience in the beauty industry. He always made it a priority to take care of his skin, but never found products as effective as Nerium. Now, Alfredo’s skin is glowing like never before and he can’t believe the results he’s seen. When he added EHT® to his regimen, Alfredo says it helped him have the “Nerium brains to go with his Nerium beauty.”

“Right away I noticed my skin started to have a glow. The products helped fade the fine lines around my eyes and tighten the sagging skin on my cheeks. Nerium made my skin come alive.”

“I’m proud to be reflecting my youth in my 70s!”

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Who’s ready to reflect their youth with Nerium?

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