Take Advantage of Nerium’s Newest Tools

With the announcements at Get Real including additions to Nerium’s product line, updated enrollment packages and more, we have updated your toolset to equip you to use these announcements to build your business!

Nerium Experience Video

This completely revamped video serves as our main RRP and recruiting video. Your prospects will enjoy new product testimonials that tell a compelling story, and an overview of why Nerium is the opportunity of NOW!  Start using this video at your Real Results Parties immediately.

You can access this video via GoShow, send it to prospects via Nerium Communication Center as well as download from the Marketing Center in your Online Business Center. Additionally, in North America, you can purchase the DVD version from the Nerium Store.

Science Behind Anti-Aging Video

Each of our revolutionary products are on full display in this video. Prospective customers are presented with the science behind our exclusive products to help them decide which product best fits their needs and lifestyle!

You can access this video via GoShow, send it to prospects via Nerium Communication Center and download it from the Marketing Center in your Online Business Center.

Product-Specific Videos

Do you have a prospect who’s only interested in EHT? What about a customer who’s got Night Cream on ADO and is interested in learning more about Body Contour Cream? We’ve created product-specific videos for Night/Day, Firming Body Contour Cream, EHT and Eye Serum so you can give your customers the exact information they’re looking for. And they’re easy to send to prospects via the Nerium Communication Center!


Updated Product Guide

We’ve enhanced each of these effective pieces so you can be flawlessly educated on the entire Nerium product story. Want to know more information about how Eye Serum works? Need to know which ingredients are in a certain product? Looking for a quick answer about a specific ingredient? The Product Training Guide is your one-stop shop for answers to any product question that may come your way. You can find this in your Online Business Center.


Updated Product Brochure

The Nerium Difference Product Brochure is a fantastic tool for your prospects to learn more about our groundbreaking products. They can read about product benefits and realize how Nerium’s age-defying products can easily fit in with their lifestyles. These are available for purchase in the Nerium Store — make sure to stock up on this valuable tool!


Beautiful You Magazine

For the 4th straight year, Nerium is featured in Beautiful You magazine. This magazine is one of the most effective ways to share Nerium with prospects. This brand new edition has 100 pages of comprehensive solutions for the face, body and mind, empowering entrepreneurial features, inspirational profiles on Nerium users between the ages of 20 and 70, and lifestyle tips in this new magazine that has a fresh, dynamic look from front to back. Purchase bulk packs of this magazine from the Nerium Store to get prospects excited about the real results they can enjoy with our products!

There are so many tools available for you to build a successful Nerium business. We’re ready for you to build your future!

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