YEP Funnel Pages are Here!



They’re Here! YEP Funnel Pages are Here!


Do you have friends or family members who are young go-getters, ready to take on the world?


Do you know anyone who loves to travel, party and generally have fun?


Do you think anyone you know would love to be his or her own boss and earn a dream income?




Nerium’s Young Entrepreneur Program (YEP) is a chance for anyone between the ages of 18 and 29 to be part of our incredible team and have a chance to earn an amazing income…. and most of all have FUN!


Which young person wouldn’t love to be their own boss; choosing when they work, where they work and with whom they work? Who wouldn’t want to travel the world, pay off their student loans or buy a house before they turn 30?! Nerium is a DREAM opportunity for young people who have plenty of energy and drive, and you can help them get on board, because we’ve created a turn-key YEP recruiting system!


Send your YEPper prospect to a completely customized experience where they can hear from people just like them that have made their dreams come true with Nerium. This website works just like the powerful sites and If you are a US Brand Partner use the URL; and if you are a Canada Brand Partner, it’s (note: your prospects will be directed to the appropriate site for their particular country). Once they’re there they will see a quick intro to the YEP program, and once they enter their email address, they will be directed to a YEP webinar that gives them all the relevant information to starting your Nerium business as a YEPper. They will also be subscribed to a email campaign that showcases 6 new YEP videos. This is the perfect way to frame the Nerium experience for the younger generation!


Just imagine how many lives you can change by introducing Nerium to young, fun and driven entrepreneurs across the country (and soon the world)!


To get started, follow these easy steps to activate your page:

1.Go to Nerium Communication Center in “Resources” section of Online Business Center

2.Click on marketing tab in NCC

3. There you will see your YEP funnel page URL. Just hit the preview button on the side, and you’ll be up and running!


This will activate your pages to start using!


So: text, email, call, Whatsapp, private message and Snap ALL the YEP prospects you can think of and start changing lives today!


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