Building a Bond with Your Nerium Family

Nerium International is a company that believes in the evidence-based development of groundbreaking products, using cutting-edge scientific techniques to improve people’s lives. Aside from the amazing Nerium skin care line, however, the greatest strength of the company is its people. As a Brand Partner, it is vital to your business that you understand the importance of connections within the company, and leveraging the support of your network. A unique product deserves a unique marketing plan, and Nerium has chosen relationship marketing; knowing how to build those relationships will help you build a successful business.

Brand Partners

Successful Brand Partners with Nerium know that the job is a team sport. Brand Partners are in business for themselves, but not by themselves. It’s important for experienced team members to take new Brand Partners under their wings, sponsoring them to help them succeed in building their businesses.


nerium-relationshipConnecting with other people is an ongoing process. While it’s important to get to know new people in the company, it’s also important to develop bonds between people who already know each other. By avoiding gossip, being sincere, maintaining a friendly and open demeanor, and helping each other whenever possible, you and your coworkers can develop deep and lasting connections that serve to build a solid community of support.

Rewards & Recognition

Nerium values the connections between Brand Partners. One way the company demonstrates this is through our Rewards & Recognition program, which seeks to acknowledge and incentivize the successful efforts of Brand Partners. In order to inspire Brand Partners to continually seek new goals, Nerium offers the chance to earn cash bonuses, iPads, luxury car bonuses, exotic vacations, and more!

Team-building Exercises

Team-building exercises don’t have to be a drag. You might dread the very idea of an icebreaker with your team, but with a little creativity, you can plan occasions that bring people in your network together. Despite the fact that an entire industry has sprung up around team building, such activities don’t have to be expensive.

The most effective bonding moments occur when team members are:


Promoting a cause together, doing something for the common good, and being good citizens are activities that connect teams, and give them a sense of higher purpose.

Being active

Fitness and sports activities invigorate everyone, and can get them working together as a team, literally! From bowling and softball teams, to walking groups or charity runs, fitness activities can bring team together while encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

Professional development

Professional development is rewarding for all participants, both individually and collectively. Learning something new that will help them succeed is invaluable, especially for Brand Partners, who are responsible for the success of their own businesses.


A shared meal is good for team morale, whether they’re celebrating a birthday or other life event, or just brainstorming over lunch.

Nerium is in the business of changing lives, not only by providing the remarkable anti-aging power of NeriumAD, but by helping to create the connections that empower our Brand Partners to succeed. To learn more about Nerium skincare products, Nerium personal development stories, and to read Nerium reviews, please visit our website. Then connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest to learn more.

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