How to Find Nerium Reviews From Credible Sources

Nerium International is a company rooted in a culture of connectivity, committed to changing people’s lives by offering high quality skincare products through a system of social marketing. Rooted in scientific discovery, proved by evidence-based research, and shown to be effective by third-party clinical trials, the Nerium skincare product is easy to sell, because the results speak for themselves. However, in utilizing online marketing efforts, Nerium Brand Partners need to know where to find reviews that support their claims, and how to know whether these reviews are credible.

Look in the right places

Try for photos of real results, accompanied by testimonials from people who have actually had experience with the product. Nerium’s YouTube channel, too, is a source of great information

How to spot a phony

According to Bing Liu of the University of Illinois, Chicago it is estimated that as many as 60 percent of reviews might be fake. Use these guidelines to find genuine reviews:

o Check the date to make sure the information is relevant. Outdated information is not useful to you or your clientele.

o Consider the source. A quick look at the reviewer’s history can provide some clues as to his or her legitimacy. Does this reviewer only have one review on the site? Are all his reviews positive (or negative)? These may be red flags that indicate a fake.

o Look for clues in the reviewer’s language. Try to discern the reviewer’s intent. If it’s a negative review, establish whether the reviewer has actually used the product – if not, the review will probably be vague. Question motive, as well: is the reviewer trying to sell a competing product?

o Stay away from outrageous claims. The more radical the reviewer’s ideas, the more the source needs to be scrutinized.

Be discerning

Don’t overwhelm your customers by incorporating every good review you read into your marketing materials. Instead, find a few credible sources, and share them with your customer base. Then, as new material becomes available, you can share that, as well.

Nerium Brand Partners are fortunate to have the opportunity to market a product that practically sells itself, in a company with a culture of community and teamwork. To learn more about Nerium facts or to read Nerium stories, please visit our website. Then connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest to learn more.

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