How to get your Facebook Friends Interested in Nerium

By January 21, 2013Community

Because Nerium skincare products are sold using relationship marketing, Nerium is a great fit for social media. Through the use of sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, Nerium Brand Partners have the potential to grow their businesses exponentially, by building an online network. It is important, however, to know the most effective ways to use these sites, if you want to get optimum results. Here, we discuss the best ways to use Facebook to promote your Nerium business.

Make your statuses informative

They shouldn’t all be about Nerium – Nerium is something you’re involved in; it’s not your entire life! Skincare and industry news is great to share, as is news about what’s going on with the company. Share the progress of your business and let people celebrate with you when you reach a new goal or milestone.

Share images

Photos are a great way to share people’s real results from the use of NeriumAD. Sharing images, especially before and after pictures, will get a big reaction because they offer tangible proof of the efficacy of NeriumAD.

Take a note from Nerium

Pay attention to Nerium International’s Facebook page, and notice how the company posts. Then share the statuses and images you find there in order to engage a wider audience. It’s also a great idea to post links to Nerium blog posts in order to keep your network well informed.

Spark Conversation

Be responsive to posts and replies on your wall, and make a point to reach out to other people, in order to keep the conversation flowing. Make sure you are on these sites often enough to establish a visible web presence.

A company that develops innovative products, based on groundbreaking scientific research and proven in evidence-based trials, Nerium International is committed to changing people’s lives for the better. If you’re interested in learning more about the astonishing results Nerium AD provides in reducing the signs of aging, or you’re ready to become a part of a company with a corporate culture of generosity and integrity, visit the Nerium website to learn more. For a deeper connection, join the online community on Facebook and Twitter.

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