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As an Independent Brand Partner with Nerium International, you are undoubtedly interested in improving your business skills and expanding your team. It’s easier than ever to find more people interested in NeriumAD when you utilize all the tools Nerium International provides you. One such tool is the Real Life Library.

What is the Real Life Library?

shutterstock_129449258Nerium Edge subscribers have access to the Real Life Library, a seemingly endless selection of articles, audio clips and videos on personal development topics. The selection is updated regularly, allowing you to find new and useful information each time you visit.


It’s very convenient to have new personal development resources at your fingertips at all times. There’s no need to purchase CDs or visit the bookstore every month to find out what’s new in the Nerium world; simply log in and download the app for instant access wherever you are.


Using the Real Life Library for Personal Development

It’s easy to absorb the information provided in the Real Life Library throughout your daily routine. Watch videos from Nerium leadership while you sip your morning coffee, listen to the audio clips while you work out, or read a SUCCESS Book Summary on the sidelines at your child’s baseball practice. By investing some of your time each day to personal development through Nerium’s Real Life Library, you pave the way to becoming the best version of yourself.


Using the Real Life Library to Build Your Nerium Business

The professional-quality content in the Real Life Library is perfect for sharing with your prospects. Plus, since the content is just a click away on your tablet or smartphone, you can show videos and audio clips to friends and family at dinner, at your kids’ sporting events, or in another casual setting. The incredible range of topics – from business and wealth-building to sales and healthy living – give you limitless opportunities to share with others based on how your conversation evolves.


Be sure to utilize the Real Life Library to find priceless nuggets that enlighten and expand your personal and business life. Then, visit the Nerium International website to learn more.

With the information from these resources in mind, you’ll always be prepared to answer your customers’ and prospects’ questions and help them learn more about Nerium. For more information regarding the Nerium skincare product, be sure to also connect with us on Linkedin and Pinterest.

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