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By June 24, 2013Employees, Nerium, People

Get to know Chris, a believer in Nerium International and NeriumAD!

I love having the opportunity to help people. Sometimes, we get the chance to make someone’s day better, and assist those at Nerium in making their lives better by using NeriumAD. The fun part of everyday is finding the right answer, or solving the issue, but many times, it is just getting to speak one-on-one to a Brand Partner, or customer with questions, and being able to soothe the situation and provide them with usable answers.

Chris-and-the-King-NeriumI love to help create a positive team and family atmosphere. So often it is easy to think in terms of “them and us”, whether “them” refers to people in the field, or other departments, or everyone but yourself. When we can all act as a team, with no malice, with only a spirit of moving forward together and being happy to be part of the family, we make the people we help happier, and we make ourselves feel like an integral part of the lives of others.

I get inspired by seemingly small things. While a large gesture of giving is impressive, I believe it is the small kindnesses we do throughout our day that give us a moment of happiness. Smiling at someone as they walk by, complimenting someone’s work, or simply being friendly does so much to help the general tone of the world around you.

It has been so long since I have been able to go to a job every day and thoroughly like the people I work with and the work I do. Nerium International has given that to me. Plus, it’s a company that makes fun one of their Core Values. How can you go wrong with that!?!

Other interesting facts about Chris, a believer in Nerium International and NeriumAD!

– I always wanted to be a music teacher when I grew up.
– Flight! Wait, super speed! No, healing. Wait, no, flight. Can I only choose ONE superpower?
– As many times as I fail, I generally try to always be friendly and helpful.
– I will watch any movie with capes over and over.
– Some of my hobbies include: reading, listening to music, watching movies, playing with my dog, and trying to make my girlfriend laugh.
– My guilty pleasures include: comic books, scientific discussion, and any other nerdy pursuits.
– I won Camper of the Year at Bible Music Camp when I was an 11-year-old! Oh, and I also won an award for Volunteer of the Year at a theatre group I sometimes act with.
– Some of my favorite foods include: sushi, Mexican, or anything cooked for me by someone else.
– Sawyer Brown and Martina McBride was the first concert I attended.
The West Wing, The Simpsons, and Firefly are three of my favorite television shows.
– Rudeness, especially to waiters or cashiers, is one of my pet peeves.
– I’ve lived in Dallas, Denton, Wylie, and Seattle.

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