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Get to Know Nerium Employee Kayla!

One of the things I love most about my role at Nerium is helping Brand Partners achieve greatness. Any way that I can help a Brand Partner reach their goal or potential is rewarding to me!


“Create a Positive Team Spirit and Family Atmosphere” and “Have Fun and Help Others to Have Fun” are the two core values I associate with most. We have a great team of individuals working together at our Nerium corporate office. We work hard, but we also have fun. There is a wonderful presence of laughter and camaraderie in our office. We have the attitude of “whatever it takes, consider it done!”


Kayla-NeriumMy kids and their fierce and competitive nature inspires me. They never settle and always try to do their best no matter what!

I chose Nerium because we have such a fantastic group of executives and staff. They are all wonderful to work with and have such unique and awesome gifts that they bring to the table. There are always new challenges that we face together as a team, and we always rise to the challenge – together! I also get to work with my sister Monica who joined the Nerium Marketing Team last year.


Other Fun Facts About Kayla

– When I was younger, I always wanted to be a zoologist.


– I would love to be able to time travel as my super power. I hate wasting time in rush hour traffic. If I could just snap my fingers and not have to drive through traffic – that would be awesome. Also, I am always on the go, I have too many places to be, and not enough time to get there!


– What I love most about myself is how I don’t hold grudges, get mad, or lose my temper. Life is too short to be unhappy and waste your energy on things that you cannot control. You have to control what you can and let go of everything else.


National Treasure and Pride and Prejudice are two movies that I could watch anytime.


– Reading and watching my boys play sports are among my favorite hobbies.


– Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream is definitely my guilty pleasure.


– I recently won Nerium’s Get Real Award – yeah baby!


– Chicken Parmesan, Chicken Cordon Bleu and Potatoes, pretty much any kind, are some of my favorite foods.


– Van Halen was the first concert I attended.


– I can touch my tongue to my nose. It is impressive; trust me!


– I got my scar when I was cutting open a pre-sliced bagel. I do not recommend that you cut a pre-sliced bagel with a knife.


– One of the things I cannot leave home without is my wallet, because you never know when you are going to need to stop and shop. However,- I can do without my phone. I am fine with that being out-of-pocket!


– One of my pet peeves is complaining. I am an optimist and look at things from a positive perspective. Save your energy. Instead of complaining about a situation, find a solution. It is a much better use of your energy!


– I’ve lived in Minneapolis, MN ; Dike, IA  and Garland, TX.


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