Nerium Staff Profiles: Get to Know Nerium International’s Spanish Support Team

Here at Nerium International’s corporate office, we employ a group of dedicated staffers that strive each day to help you and your business grow. Since we’re all a team and share the same goals, we wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to the people that work with you – and for you – every single day.

Rafael Avendaño

Rafael Avendaño

Rafael Avendaño, recently named General Manager for Mexico, joined Nerium’s dedicated leadership team that is spearheading new initiatives, positive changes and opportunities. With over 15 years of industry experience in Latin America for a notable direct selling company, Rafael brings market intelligence, integrity, and knows how to maximize results for the field.

Q&A with Rafael:

My favorite Nerium Core Value is: Slow Down To Go Fast.

When I walk down the halls at Nerium, I’m most proud of: How every single employee is committed to the success and business development of our Brand Partners.

I’m most passionate about: My family, traveling, meeting new people, and seeing how this industry changes the life of millions of people – not only their finances, but also their lives.

Interesting fact: Cars are my biggest passion. I was a GoKart and Formula 2.0 professional driver, and I won national championships in Colombia. I still do it as a hobby.

Lisa Ávila

Lisa Ávila

With Visual Arts as her profession, Lisa Ávila is in love with everything art related, and for her, the most amazing work of art is the human being. That’s the reason she’s always looking to develop her professional self in business and tasks related with people. As the Mexico Marketing Manager, Lisa has been involved in all the Mexican market processes which has given her the opportunity to learn about many areas and apply the valuable knowledge she is getting in everything she does, enriching all her work. She’s a creative and pro-active professional who’s in charge of the quality of both print and digital materials and communications of the Mexico Market. She also works with country management on new strategies that have been created specifically for the market she leads.

Q&A with Lisa:

My favorite Nerium Core Value is: Be Real

When I walk down the halls at Nerium, I’m most proud of: The people

I’m most passionate about: Art in all its manifestations, knowledge, traveling and music.

Interesting fact: I’m a professional singer.

Clare Holbrook

Clare Holbrook

As Nerium’s Senior Vice President of Global Business Development, Clare Holbrook is responsible for duplicating the rhythm the company has achieved domestically and expanding it internationally. Clare has 23 years of experience in the direct selling industry, bringing a wealth of knowledge in building infrastructures and directing marketing strategies for companies around the globe. In addition to wearing many hats at Nerium, Clare also oversees the U.S. Latino market and is the HQ champion for all Mexico initiatives in support of field development.

Q&A with Clare:

My favorite Nerium Core Value is: Pursue Constant Development of Self.

When I walk down the halls at Nerium, I’m most proud of: the positive atmosphere and culture.

I’m most passionate about: Nerium’s international expansion.

Interesting fact: Fully fluent in Spanish and speak five languages.

Luis Cáceres

Luis Cáceres

As Nerium’s International Sales Manager for Latin America, Luis Cáceres is committed to providing a platform that allows our Spanish speaking Brand Partners the ability to reach their financial goals. His main objective is to duplicate a proven system established by Jeff Olson that will impact many lives through Latin America.

Q&A with Luis:

My favorite Nerium Core Value is: Pursue Constant Development of Self.

When I walk down the halls at Nerium, I’m most proud of: Working with people from all over the world.

I’m most passionate about: Giving the average person an opportunity to dream big.

Interesting fact: I love coaching my son’s soccer team.

Alejandra Fregoso

Alejandra Fregoso

Alejandra Fregoso is Nerium’s International Marketing Manager for Latin America at HQ. She is a creative, energetic and high-producing marketing professional with 20+ years in the marketing and advertising space, building brands and driving sales revenue through original, integrated marketing campaigns. Alejandra oversees both print and digital marketing materials, communications, and for both the US Latino and Mexico Markets.

Q&A with Alejandra:

My favorite Nerium Core Value is: Be Real

When I walk down the halls at Nerium, I’m most proud of: the diversity of its culture and the atmosphere of happiness.

I’m most passionate about: My kids and helping people!

Interesting fact: I love interior design and visual arts!

Deneale Hodges

Deneale Hodges

Deneale Hodges is the International Operations Manager for Latin America. She has more than 10 years of experience in the direct selling industry, with her main focus on global markets. Deneale works hand-in-hand with the in-country teams to ensure that our processes and infrastructure are the best they can be.

Q&A with Deneale:

My favorite Nerium Core Value is: Create a Positive Team Spirit and Family Atmosphere

When I walk down the halls at Nerium, I’m most proud of: My co-workers and the excitement they have to expand globally!

I’m most passionate about: Helping Nerium to become a global company!

Interesting fact: I lived in San Luis Potosi and Guadalajara, Mexico, and am fluent in Spanish.

Victoria Pantchenko

Victoria Pantchenko

Victoria Pantchenko is a native-born Venezuelan with a passion for the Spanish culture. She originally started as a Support Agent, so her Nerium knowledge, can-do attitude and dedication have made her very valuable to HQ teams. Victoria has now moved into the role of an International Marketing Specialist, working closely with Mexico teams to support Spanish translations, digital marketing, (including) social media, websites and Back Office, as well as preparing for the upcoming launch of Colombia.

Q&A with Victoria:

My favorite Nerium Core Value is: Dream Big and Act On It Daily.

When I walk down the halls at Nerium, I’m most proud of: The shimmer of growth and professional opportunities I see reflected in each person that works here.

I’m most passionate about: Getting to know people, their dreams, ambitions and life stories.

Interesting fact: I’ve recently learned that my grandfather was a Scottish spy during World War II.

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