Thanks to Nerium Cloud, Professional Presentations are On-Call 24/7

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So, you’re a new Nerium Brand Partner, fresh from your first Real Results Party. You’re excited about NeriumAD and the ability to make a real income because you’ve seen the astonishing results from using the product.


There’s nothing that will stop you from sharing Nerium with the world – both to grow your customer base and get fellow Brand Partners on your team – except maybe the fear of not being able to give a polished presentation. Thanks to the Nerium Cloud, powered by SlideShark, your fear can all but disappear. Make sure you’re subscribed to the Nerium Edge, and get ready for your business to skyrocket!



About the Nerium Cloud

~Nerium International proudly presents this industry first. It provides Brand Partners with state-of-the-art presentation tools for success. The company’s partnership with SlideShark provides a unique opportunity to market with cloud-based presentations.

~All you need to start using the Nerium Cloud is a smartphone or tablet. Then, with the push of a button, you have access to PowerPoint presentations, videos, photo galleries and training content.

~Powerful, effective presentations are available through the Cloud. Nerium International updates these presentations regularly and makes them available in real time.

~Wow your friends and family from the very first presentation. There’s no need to search through archived presentations, conquer a learning curve, or create presentations yourself.

~Talk about Nerium International wherever you are. With portable presentations, you can be spontaneous, sharing Nerium with friends at the coffee shop, the gym, or while hanging out at the ballgame.

~Technology allows for professional presentations that are still personable and relatable. Use the Nerium Cloud to present NeriumAD to prospective customers or to recruit Brand Partners to your team. Everything you need is right there on your mobile device!


Getting Started with Nerium Cloud

~SlideShark is available for download as part of the Nerium Edge subscription. Start by downloading the SlideShark app on your tablet or smartphone.

~Log in with your Nerium account information. The username is the email address associated with Nerium. The password is the first portion of your email address before the “@” symbol, if it’s eight characters or more. If it’s less than eight characters, the password is your full email address. After your first login, you can change the password.

~Once you log in, become familiar with the Nerium Cloud presentations so you can be ready to share them with your next prospect!


We’re as excited as you are to see your business grow! Check out the Nerium website and Nerium Linkedin page to learn about other tools Nerium provides its Brand Partners.


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