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By July 11, 2013Facts

Who’s in charge of creating a win-win situation for everyone at Nerium International? That would be the Finance Department. This group of “number people” describes themselves as “not the most exciting bunch,” but their coworkers disagree! Beyond poking fun at themselves, the members of the finance department, many of whom have worked together for years, recognize how important their role is for ensuring your success as a Nerium Brand Partner.

Finance TeamJust what is it that the Finance Department does to help your Nerium business? Let’s count the ways:


Dole Out Commissions and Bonuses

Those bottles of NeriumAD from Nerium Gives Back, the oft-earned iPad, and the coveted Lexus car bonus are all managed by the finance team. They also process the automatic commission deduction pledges to Big Brothers Big Sisters. And the donation wheel at Get Real 2013? That’s manned by the Finance Team as well.


The department processes and audits commission runs on a weekly and monthly basis to ensure your commissions are accurate and deposited in a timely manner. When your commissions arrive, the Finance Team quietly roars their excitement, because they know record numbers of commissions indicate record numbers of sales – and that’s great for business.


Partner with Nerium’s Marketing and Recognition Departments

The Finance Team is well-versed in direct selling industry techniques. They know how you make money, get promoted and earn recognition. That’s why they work so closely with the Marketing and Recognition departments at Nerium. Together, these teams plot the logistics of upcoming Brand Partner incentives, bonuses and promotions.


Play an Important Role in a Dynamically Growing Organization

Nerium’s financial standing is no mystery to the Finance Department. The team is serious about helping Nerium meet its national and worldwide goals for growth and success by hitting that financial sweet spot between the company and its Brand Partners. Thanks to the Finance Team’s unquestionable knowledge and expertise, you can expect your personal Nerium business to grow right alongside Nerium International.


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