The Science Behind Nerium Skin Care: Part 2

By December 21, 2012Facts, Nerium

Nerium International is a company committed to improving lives by providing innovative skincare products that are rooted in scientific discovery. The company is much more than that, though, and the dedication to quality and a better way of life extends beyond its partnership with Nerium Skincare, and even beyond the customers and brand partners, to the community. One example of how seriously Nerium takes this commitment to quality and community enrichment can be seen in the farming operations behind its most valuable resource.

nerium-AD-productNeriumAD is the flagship product of the Nerium Skincare line, a product proven effective in third-party clinical trials to fight the signs of aging. This amazing cream contains many proven ingredients; the most innovative substance in its formula is the patent-pending extract of the Nerium Oleander plant. Because Nerium is determined that this precious plant will be farmed in an environmentally responsible and sustainable fashion, the company has established U.S.-based commercial farming operations. The farm uses strict biomedical field protocols in order to yield this dedicated and renewable resource used exclusively in biotechnology, research, product development, and production. By overseeing the entire process from seedlings through production, Nerium ensures the quality and consistency of the skincare line, even as the company continues to focus on research and development of scientifically innovative skincare.

The Director of Farm Operations for Nerium Biotechnology is Joel Curtis, who holds degrees in Entomology, Horticulture, and Chemistry, along with an extensive knowledge of farming techniques in orchards. He has been growing Nerium Oleander for years and has developed a nontraditional and unique plantation, which adheres to strict EPA protocols and uses natural growing procedures and products. Plans for future expansion are in place, as land utilization and field plant capacity have increased due to the development of improved techniques for planting and irrigation. It all adds up to a higher quality of plant, and thus, a higher quality of skincare product.

A pioneer in the development of farming techniques for Nerium oleander, which were nonexistent at the time that the company started, Curtis states, “Today we have established the largest Nerium Oleander farming operation in the United States, if not the world. We continue to increase field capacity with new planting and irrigation techniques, provide for development of new harvesting equipment, the expansion of biomass processing facilities, the development of proprietary processing techniques, and development of new biomass processing equipment for biotechnology research, product development, and commercial product production.”

This is not just the story of a successful skincare line; it’s the story of an American farm, succeeding in providing a crop that helps to make life better.

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