The Science Behind Nerium Skin Care: Part 3

By December 28, 2012Facts, Nerium

Nerium International is a company committed to providing effective skincare products, rooted in scientific discovery, in order to improve lives. In contrast to skincare companies that market products with little evidence of effectiveness, Nerium is dedicated to using evidence-based product development, to create products with proven safety and efficacy. Not content to rely on work published by others, the company provides for its own appropriately designed preclinical and clinical studies prior to each product’s release to the public.

Dr. Robert Newman

Nerium-scienceDr. Robert Newman, scientific adviser to Nerium Skincare, explains the protocols involved in making sure a product meets safety standards by saying, “Both preclinical and clinical safety testing is performed on Nerium Skincare products. Importantly, this is NOT done using animals. Rather, the research relies on in vitro cell culture, as well as actual human clinical studies. The clinical studies are carried out on volunteers, typically using small, defined areas of skin or other target tissue sites, which include additional safety precautions utilizing blood chemistry’s and CBC analysis for each participant. Once safety is assured, larger scale clinical testing and analysis is then done.”

Accidental Discovery


Having accidentally discovered the effectiveness of the Nerium Oleander plant as a skincare product, Nerium soon took scientific steps to discover how best to utilize this amazing plant. Selecting appropriate product components, like aloe, and developing innovative technology for extraction from the Nerium Oleander leaves, the company created NeriumAD. Proven by third-party clinical trials, as well as in-house research and customer testimonials, NeriumAD diminishes the signs of aging, including wrinkles, discoloration, and uneven skin texture.

Nerium is a company dedicated to producing effective skincare products, responsibly sourced, thoroughly tested, and rooted in scientific innovation. To learn more about Nerium skincare products or to read Nerium reviews, please visit our website. Then connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest to learn more.

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