Nerium Introduces the Builder Bonus Program

By September 4, 2013Nerium

Being a Nerium Brand Partner has always meant you have unlimited earning potential, but you can take your reward possibilities even further now thanks to Nerium’s new Builder Bonus program. The program launched during Get Real 2013 and provides an additional incentive for you to get your team started on the fast track: a $250 bonus! Earn this bonus every time an eligible Brand Partner in your Bonus Leg Fast Start Qualifies. Here’s everything you need to know.

Builder Bonus ProgramHow to Become Builder Bonus Qualified

The focus of Nerium’s program is to give new Brand Partners early momentum when starting their business. To qualify for the bonus:

~Become Fast Start Qualified in your  first 30 days, OR

~Achieve the rank of Director

After you are qualified, you have unlimited opportunities to earn the Builder Bonus again and again!


Why the Program is So Important for Nerium Brand Partners

When you enroll a new Brand Partner to your team, the Builder Bonus encourages you to give them extra attention and make sure they Fast Start Qualify because a $250 bonus is at stake! The resulting teamwork and positive business-building behavior makes the Builder Bonus a tremendously lucrative opportunity, both for you and the new Brand Partners you enroll.


The additional reward offered by the Builder Bonus program enhances the already lucrative Nerium compensation plan! For more information about Nerium skincare products, or to learn how to become a Brand Partner, please visit our website. Then, be sure to also connect with us on LinkedIn and Pinterest.


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