Nerium Fast Start Qualify Program

By September 2, 2013Nerium

Nerium International  strives to improve people both inside and out, which is why everything from the product to the core values to the compensation plan is lucrative and rewarding. We want to make people better.


When you join Nerium International as new Brand Partner, you have 30 days to Fast Start Qualify. What exactly does this mean, and what’s in it for you?


How to Fast Start Qualify

In your first 30 days as a Brand Partner, you must do the following to Fast Start Qualify:

~Enroll in the Auto-Delivery Order (ADO) program, with at least 80 ADO Personal Volume.

~Generate $500 in personal sales, which Nerium calls 500 Personal Qualifying Volume (PQV), by sharing NeriumAD with Retail Customers, Preferred Customers, or by purchasing a Success Pack.

~Personally sponsor a minimum of three new, active Brand Partners with 80 ADO PQV, or more, and place them in three separate legs.

~Ensure each BP generates $500 in sales (within your first 30 days, not their first 30 days) for a total of $2,000 in sales as a team, also called Qualifying Volume (QV).


Incentives to Become Fast Start Qualified with Nerium

Don’t take the slow way; get on the fast track to success by Fast Start Qualifying! The benefits are many:

~Start earning a real income from your Nerium business right away

~Set yourself up to earn the iPad bonus and Lexus car bonus

~Become eligible to earn the $250 Builder Bonuses

~Start earning a 10% coaching commission right away

~Earn the rank of Senior Brand Partner to increase your opportunity for bonuses and residual income


For more information about what it means to Fast Start Qualify as a new Brand Partner with Nerium International, please visit our website. Then, be sure to also connect with us on LinkedIn and Pinterest.


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