This year at Get Real 2013, Nerium really went beyond all limits in every way! Not only are we launching a new product in the NeriumAD line, but we are also introducing the Young Entrepreneur Program, adding new tools to help your business flourish, and expanding our compensations to include an exciting new bonus!

NeriumAD Age-Defying Day Cream: Unveiling Soon!

Nerium AD Night and Day CreamNerium is proud to announce the launch of our newest product, NeriumAD Age-Defying Day Cream. This product is formulated to be the perfect complement to our night cream, NeriumAD Age-Defying Treatment.
NeriumAD’s day cream includes our exclusive NAE-8 antioxidant extract, which is now patented and has been proven to help reduce the appearance of signs of aging. It also includes these other powerful ingredients:
• A concentrated tripeptide blend, incorporated at clinical levels to give the appearance of smoother, tighter, and younger skin.
• Vitamin C complex, which helps reduce the appearance of discoloration.
• Green Tea antioxidant, which reduces the appearance of signs of aging, such as wrinkles and discoloration.
• Four high-functioning moisturizers, including hyaluronic acid, for increased radiance and hydration.
Download the day cream flyer to learn more about this exciting new addition to the NeriumAD family!

The First 1,000: Why You Should Upgrade Today!

Nerium’s new day cream will be available starting September, but you can opt-in now so that you start receiving it in your ADO as soon as it becomes available! The first 1,000 people to upgrade their ADO to include NeriumAD Age-Defying Day Cream will receive an additional bottle free of charge!
Visit to upgrade your ADO now!

The Young Entrepreneur Program: Your future on your terms!

Nerium Yep ProgramNerium’s latest program is exclusive to young professionals between the ages of 18-24. With the YEP, the next generation of Nerium can explore the possibility of running their own business, have the flexibility to set their own schedules, and capitalize on the opportunity for unlimited earning potential.
To learn more about YEP, visit: here and to check out our new resources for the YEPpers visit our new YEP blog. Our new YEP promo video is now available in your Nerium Communications Center.

The Builder Bonus: Build Fast, Earn More

Nerium Builder BonusNow you will be rewarded with an additional $250 Builder Bonus when an eligible Brand Partner Fast Start Qualifies on your team. Help your team get off to a fast start, and you’ll be rewarded greatly. The addition of this new bonus only enhances the already lucrative Nerium compensation plan!
To see the exciting additions to our compensation plan, visit:

Ready to take your business Beyond All Limits? New Recruiting Calls can help!

With the new announcements at Get Real 2013, growing your business has never been so exciting! Share the Nerium opportunity with your prospects, which can hear directly from leadership every day this week! Leverage this new call featuring Nerium Founder and CEO, Jeff Olson and Director of Field Operations, Mark Smith. These new calls are in addition to the Wednesday Recruiting Blitz calls.
Call in at 12 or 7 p.m. CT
Monday 7/22 through Friday 7/26
Audio Conference Dial-In Number: 832-225-5230
Passcode: 7325#
Alternate dial-in number is 712-432-9000

New Tools!


• NEW! Reflect Your Youth Video in Nerium Communications Center (NCC)

Nerium Reflect Your YouthNerium has launched a powerful, new product video with the Reflect Your Youth theme. You can watch this new video here. This video is sure to draw many new customers! Through NCC, you can share the video with prospects via email or directly through your social media outlets.

• NEW! Reflect Your Youth Product Disc Brochure

Nerium Reflect Your Youth Disc BrochureThe new Product DiscBrochure is the perfect tool to provide to a prospect. It focuses on both NeriumAD Age-Defying Treatment and NeriumAD Age-Defying Day Cream. It also includes our new, high-impact product video, which illustrates how NeriumAD can make you look ten years younger. Use this piece to share NeriumAD’s benefits and Real Results pictures easily with your potential Preferred Customers or Brand Partners. This Disc Brochure will be available in the Nerium Store this week!

• NEW! Reflect Your Youth Product Brochure

Nerium Reflect your youth brochureOur product brochure has been revamped to include the Reflect Your Youth theme. It shows all the highlights of both NeriumAD Age-Defying Treatment and NeriumAD Age-Defying Day Cream! This product brochure will be available in the Nerium Store this week!

• NEW! Young Entrepreneur Program Brochure

Nerium yep_brochureNerium’s new Young Entrepreneur Program (YEP) provides the opportunity for young professionals ages 18-24 to own their own Nerium business! This fun, graphic brochure is perfect to give to any young professional who would like to learn more about starting a career with Nerium International.
The YEP Brochure will be available in the Nerium Store this week!

• The 8-Point Digital Tracker

Nerium 8pt digital trackerThe new 8–Point Digital Tracker will help you track your daily points while you are on the go! It also includes enhanced reporting features so you can closely monitor your points.
Start using the 8-Point Digital Tracker today!

Exciting Updates to Nerium Communications Center and Real Life Library!

The Real Life Library now includes a 30-day guided personal development path! This gives you a direct path to follow so you don’t miss any of the best resources. Make sure to get your new Brand Partners started on this 30-day track to give them a dose of development and belief!
The Nerium Communications Center (NCC) is now categorized by use to make it easier to find resources needed for any occasion. In addition, all assets are now ordered by priority, so you know which items are the most effective resources per category. Nerium has added social media badges that can now be shared through NCC and tracked to your website!

Ready for a Fiesta in Cancun, Mexico?

Nerium Cancun Dream TripNerium announced our next dream trip located in Cancun, Mexico. Anyone, at any rank, can earn their spot on this trip between now and next May. Click here to learn all the details!

Updated New Brand Partner Training

Nerium has updated the New Brand Partner Training to be fully in the line with the 8-point system. Make sure to review the updated New Brand Partner Training, so that you know what your new Brand Partners will view.

New Opportunity Presentation available

Our Nerium Experience opportunity presentation has been updated with the latest information. Download the presentation from your Online Business Center or view it in Slideshark for your upcoming Real Result Parties!
Download Nerium Experience Opportunity PPT

Next Nerium Events



Nerium Fall BashThis fall, Nerium is headed to Baltimore and Long Beach!
Come with us to Baltimore the weekend of Oct. 10-12, 2013 or join us in Long Beach the weekend of Nov. 14-16, 2013. Tickets are $69 and VIP tickets are $84. The price includes a FREE copy of the upcoming edition of The Slight Edge! You can register here today!

GET REAL 2014 Spring

Nerium Get Real 2014Nerium is headed to St. Louis next year!
See you in St. Louis on April 10-13, 2014.
You can register here today!

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  • Lisa Hicks Clark says:

    Nerium’s Get Real Conference was over the top! 10,000 attendees had the time of their life, we trained, we danced, we laughed and cried. With all the announcements, Nerium International is skyrocketing to the top, no doubt!!!!!

  • Lory Wood says:

    At ‪#‎Nerium‬’s Get Real 2013 Conference, I realized that we have the very best compensation plan in the entire relationship marketing industry. I’m sure DSN will be telling that story soon! I realized with the approval of our patent that we are absolutely in an exclusive position in the skincare market! Everything is in alignment and this truly is OUR
    “Microsoft” moment! Can’t wait to share this opportunity with friends
    and family that want to be able to change people’s lives with me. This will help me raise money to be able to go on multiple foreign missions trips to help change the world! Thank you, Nerium! #ThanksNerium

  • Kim Baumgartner says:

    At ‪#‎Nerium‬’s Get Real 2013 Conference I learned that if you are more concerned with your comfort than your calling, failure is imminent. I also learned that I need to allow myself to fail, and then pick up the pieces and start all over…as many times as I need to! And I need to consistently work on my learning, activity, learning, activity…the more consistent I am with my system the more successful I will be in a shorter period of time. Can’t WAIT for Long Beach!

  • Jamie Ware says:

    #GR2013 was unbelievable and #Nerium is a Life Changer for my family and all my new friends. We’re going to the top and we’re changing lives on the way! One bottle at time! #TeamWare

  • Missy Votaw Spaulding says:

    I didn’t get to go to #Nerium’s Get Real 2013 Conference but because Nerium is such a caring company they streamed all the general sessions live so it was the next best thing to being there!

  • Shana Teel Purkey says:

    At ‪#‎Nerium‬’s Get Real 2013 Conference I learned that people will leave a business in a heartbeat but they won’t leave a FAMILY! The Nerium Family is like none other and I am SO happy to be a part of it!

  • Darci Rakower Bianchi says:

    At #Nerium’s Get Real 2013 conference the biggest take away I got was how to come home and help my current and future brand partners fast start qualify and take their business to the next level. Another big take away was the patent on the NAE-8 extract from the FDA as an antioxidant, this is big for all the negative people out there that keep insisting it is poison, the FDA does not give a patent on anything that is toxic!!!! Most of all was how Nerium has changed people’s lives for the better and given them the time freedom to what ever they want, hearing all the stories touched me and makes me want to go out and help other people do the same!!

  • Susan Irlbeck says:

    @Nerium 2013 Get real conference I took away Antioxidant and patent

  • Jeanne Buhl says:

    24 Hour #NeriumPower. Breaking all Barriers!! So excited about the new Day Cream. I cannot wait to use it. Then add into the mix all the new programs and bonuses, WE have the BEST. So proud to be a part of #Nerium. Thank you

  • Barbara Anne DeBolt says:

    At #Nerium’s Get Real 2013 Conference I feel like I realized how much different this company is from any other company out there. From the leadership, the core values, the people and of course the product. I made the right decision and now I want to share it with world! I LOVE NERIUM

  • Zoe Morris says:

    Amazing 2nd Annual Nerium Convention. What an amazing recap of the Event for people that could not attend. Just more of the support that we receive as Nerium Brand Partners.

  • Valerie Thatcher says:

    So excited about everything unveiled and updated at GR2013!

  • Dwyn says:

    Most people attending a convention would be happy with half of what #Nerium introduced at #GR2013. First class all the way.

  • Julie 'Meider' Geigle says:

    Looks amazing!! Just upgraded for the new day cream and can’t wait to get rolling on the Builder Bonus!!!

  • cfraire says:

    We have all information on the Fall Bashes on the corporate update email. You can even check your Online Business Center or our Facebook page at

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