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By August 29, 2012Nerium



We’re welcoming new Brand Partners every day, and our growth is astounding! We’re also constantly adding new members to our Support Team and working to address each question received.


There are various ways to help you get your question answered:


1: Check your Online Business Center. You’ll find a wealth of information in the Document Library.


2: Check the Knowledgebase. We’ve been building this for a year, so there’s a good chance that you’ll find the answer here!


3: Check with your upline. Experience is a wonderful teacher, and we’re very fortunate to have experienced leaders in the field! If you have new Brand Partners in your downline, be proactive: reach out to them to see if there’s any way you can help.


4: If you’ve exhausted all the above options, you may contact Support at 855.463.7486, or by submitting a ticket through your Online Business Center. Please know that all inquiries are answered in the order in which they are received, and to submit multiple requests increases the wait time for everyone.



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