Nerium Spring Bash Nashville 2013 Recap

By March 25, 2013Nerium

Nerium Brand Partners descended upon the Gaylord Opryland in Nashville, TN on March 14 for Nerium International’s East Coast Spring Bash. From the moment the first workshop began on Thursday until the DJ hung up his headphones after Saturday night’s party, the level of enthusiasm was off the charts!


Nerium Nashville Spring Bash

Attendees learned a variety of valuable information, including the announcement of new programs and tools, how to utilize third-party tools to build their businesses, how to host an effective real results party, the benefits to being happy (and the science behind it), and more.


Nerium Spring Bash

Here’s what some Spring Bash attendees took away from this wonderful event:
“This was a family reunion extraordinaire! Being in the room with my company leadership energizes me and motivates me to go and grow.” Debra V.
”It’s hard to talk about the ‘best part’ as there were so many ‘a-ha’ moments. One very distinct experience for me was I witnessing myself and others… our prayers were and are being answered.” Dave A.
“The excitement and personal development were incredible. You can tell the leaders in Nerium are dedicated to the morals and values of its Brand Partners and customers.” Denise K.
Even people who weren’t able to attend chimed in:
“I didn’t get to go but just seeing my friends come back really on fire for Nerium and pumped up about staying happy was very inspiring to me!” Rosalee B.
Don’t wait: get registered for the final Nerium Spring Bash of 2013 in fabulous Las Vegas! How will it change you?

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  • Bob Wolfe says:

    In 38 years of attending relationship marketing conventions, this was by far the most uplifting in the aspect of the personal development that was provided to us who attended!!

  • Ariel Yve says:

    I had a blast at the Nerium Nashville Bash! The training, the parties and the atmosphere were off the charts!

  • Plane ticket bought, room booked and West Coast Spring Bash here I come!!

  • Denise Klark says:

    Spring Bash in Nashville was wonderful. Very encouraging and uplifting experience. Cant wait to pursue my dreams with this company.

  • The happiness advantage workshop was my favorite part of the east coast spring bash 🙂

  • Teri Brewer says:

    I am carpooling with 3 other Nerium Brandpartners to go to the Nerium Spring Bash in Vegas! I am so excited:)

  • I did not go to the Nashville bash but I am going to the Las Vegas bash. Can’t wait!

  • Carole Lauro says:

    Going to the Nerium Spring Bashes is so much fun! We laugh, we hug, we cry, and we realize what a unique company Nerium is. I’m so proud to be part of what I believe is a movement to improve the outlook people have about their future.

  • I was there!! The most generous people!! All about Caring, Sharing, Love!! The are it!! NeriumAD… ROCKS !!

  • I learned so much about taking my business to the next level and was so inspired by all the top leaders of this company. They really care about everyone involved with this company.

  • The Nerium Spring Bash was a great time to be with my team, many of whom I hadn’t met before. Wonderful training, but the best part was the conviction that we all came away with. Nerium is a community of like-mided people who will change the world, one ripple at a time.

  • DAVID ROBERT says:

    There were many favorite parts and moments for me but if I had to name one it would be when the woman who was confined to a wheel chair took to the stage (sorry I did not write down her name) who was stricken with Multiple Sclerosis who told her story and gave us her testimonial who is and has become very successful with Nerium. I found it extraordinary that when she went Lexus qualified Jeff Olson happily approved that instead of getting her a Lexus that she get a wheel chair compatible vehicle. This is the kind of company that when they support people in this fashion we all prosper collectively. Her story becomes our story.

  • Riding home in the car listening to my NEW Brand Partners taking control of their thoughts, sharing ideas, rising with confidence, and making a plan for themselves based on the amazing information that was shared at the Spring Bash

  • I love this company and it’s philosophy about “Making People Better” through personal development! Shaun Achor’s “Happiness Advantage” was awesome. I met some amazing people and the testimonies were unbelievable! Anyone can have Success by applying the Slight Edge principles to everyday life by Jeff Olson. I am so excited from the Spring Bash in Nashville and I am going to Vegas! There is no question about it! I am honored to be a part of Nerium and the great leadership with this company!

  • There were so many wonderful nuggets that I took from the event! The ABC’s when closing a party is wonderful! Of course Shawn Achor, The Happiness Advantage, was inspiring and hilarious! Great knowledge learned @ Nashville!! Thanks Nerium!!

  • too many things to pick out 1 as being the best, but the magazine guarantee program really knocked my socks off! I’ve never seen anything like it in any other company ever.

  • Donna Shanks says:

    I went to the Dallas Bash, and if it was anything like that, I know it was fantastic!! Nashville was so on fire, that I vowed not to miss the Vegas Bash!! I can’t wait!!

  • Nerium Nashville bash was incredible. The personal stories really touched my heart, especially Robert Kratch ‘s testimony….I am so proud of him and his wife Kristi! They are on my team and doing an amazing job in Minnesota! Love my Nerium family!

  • Gerry Katz says:

    The Nerium Bash in Nashville was the most inspiring yet! Nerium has a way of getting people out of their comfort zones and therefore enriching their life experience. All of the testimonials moved me and I found myself tearing up often!

  • Wish I had been there…I was at the Dallas Bash and by the sound of Nashville, each Bash just gets better and better. Nerium knows how to inform, train, inspire and motivate!

  • Nelson Brann says:

    I am SO fired up for the Las Vegas bash it is RIDICULOUS!!! This is going to be GREAT!! btw… I’m bringing fire safety gear.

  • Nerium Spring Bash! The Buzz word is the West Coast Bash, in Las Vegas, is going to be the largest event! Hope to see you in April!

  • The Vegas Bash will give me the extra bump to get to my goals! Staying true to the ‘system’ 8 points/day, plugged into the calls that teach you something new every time, training and encouraging my team and taking them to the Bash, we’re gonna explode!

  • Cory Moran says:

    I was able to go to the Dallas Bash and I’m so excited for the Vegas Bash coming up!!! These Nerium events are a Must Go!!!! The energy, leadership, knowledge and fellowships are second to none!

  • Dawn Fleming says:

    My favorite part was Nerium’s $5000 Income Guarantee Program. As a former Business Attorney, I can say there are NO income guarantees in business – it’s called RISK. The fact that Nerium has taken away that risk, and another FIRST that will be hard to beat!

  • Rosa says:

    I didn’t get there, but I’m so excited that I’ll be in Vegas for the next Nerium bash!

  • Scott Khouri says:

    The Nashville Bash was fantastic! The training was, and always is, invaluable. Shawn Achors “Happiness Advantage” workshop was inspiring! Each Bash I attend is better than the last. Can’t wait for Vegas in April!

  • Jane Miller says:

    It’s all set, I am on my way to Las Vegas for the Spring Bash. All psyched about the experience and how it is going to change my life!!! See you all there!!

  • Yes I definitely attended! Also attended Dallas back in Feb. I have to say each bash is a different experience and even though I hear pretty much some of the same info? it strikes me different every time! I was thrilled to also have more members of my team join me this time 🙂

  • Rebecca Massee says:

    My favorite part of #Nerium Nashville #SpringBash was being a part of something big that helps people help people be their best.

  • Don Roi says:

    Nashville was awesome! We all learned so much and I am so glad to be a part of the Nerium family. There is nothing like it. Can’t wait for Las Vegas!!!

  • Didn’t get to attend Nashville, but, I going to Vegas Baby!!

  • I feel so blessed to have attended both the Dallas and Nashville Bashes.
    I attended with my Brand Partners and were able to show them the excitement that you feel by being there with other brand partners from all over the country!
    The extraordinary leadership coupled with the excellent training that they provide us, make these a MUST ATTEND EVENTS!!
    See everyone in Las Vegas, plan to stay through Sunday for the Sunday Fun day!
    Barbara Anne DeBolt

  • I was in Nashville. Everything was amazing. I loved loved loved Shawn Anchor, he was awesome. How can you not come out of a conference with a smile on your face. Would love to see him again.

  • I have been blessed to attend both the Dallas and Nashville Bashes!

    I attended with my Brand Partners so they could see and feel the excitement you get from being there and meeting the people from all over the country!

    Exceptional leadership coupled with excellent training they provide to us,make these a MUST ATTEND EVENTS!

    See everyone in Las Vegas soon, be sure to stay for Sunday Fun Day!

  • Each Bash gets better and better (although I don’t know how that is possible! ). My decision to be a part of Nerium International was reaffirmed through every part of the Bash. Great company….great product…great people and leadership.

  • It’s a place you can’t possibly experience on your own. It took everyone being there and Nerium to give such an amazing experience. Can’t wait for the Vegas bash!

  • My favorite part of the spring bash in Nashville was getting to hear everything AGAIN (after Dallas bash) because I just can’t get enough of all the great wisdom for life and tools for success in Nerium!!!

  • Loved the Nerium Nashville Bash! So many, many great parts, but I was really moved by Jeff Olson’s closing talk. Reinforced the integrity that is held to the highest standard with our company and our management team.

  • MarcyKennedy says:

    I’m so thrilled and excited that I can say “I was there!” What a fabulous experience!!!!

  • MarcyKennedy says:

    So thrilled that I can say “I was there!” What an exciting time!

  • Sherry Johnson says:

    Nerium really knows how to host an event. I can’t wait for Nerium’s Vegas Bash in April!!

  • I loved the Nerium Ripple stories the Happiness Advantage workshop and of course our special midnight tradition at our Saturday night party! You have to be in Vegas to find out what we do at midnight! Nerium Rocks! Best product best company best people in the world!

  • Absolutely loved every part of the spring bash! Can’t wait for Dallas!

  • My all time favorite is Shawn Anchor who wrote the Happiness Advantage.

  • Shawn Achor was amazing!

  • I loved hearing the stories of how Nerium is changing lives!

  • Terrie Foley says:

    I love the professionalism of Nerium. When you leave an event like a Spring Bash, you are walking away with a wealth of information to propel your business forward. There was no false hype. I can’t quite find the right words, but I have been to a lot of conferences with other great leaders, but none compare to the leadership in Nerium.

  • Nerium is a Fun company!

  • Amaziiiiiing!! Gave me the belief in myself that I needed! There is no other place you can get this kind of positive atmosphere with great stories and great REAL people that truly care! Loving. Caring. Sharing

  • David H says:

    The Nerium Bash in Nashville was great from start to finish! Nerium Int had David Byrd, author of the best-selling book The Tripping Point in Leadership and Achievement, share with us information that I know will guide me to a higher level of achievement! Nerium leaderships cares about growing us in all levels of our lives. If you have not been to a bash yet, get to Vegas!

  • ‘m new in the business so didnt get to go as I still work a full time job, but that will change by July! Look out get real conference 2013 in Dallas here I come!!

  • Karen Lewis says:

    Jeff Olson describing the overall business model of Nerium….pure integrity! So happy to be a part of it!!

  • Robert Sims says:

    My favorite part was meeting more of the awesome Nerium family.

  • Nashville, TN Spring Bash was over the top for me!! The whole bash was the best part for me!! It really opened my eyes that I am not pressuring people/friends/family to purchase something, I am sharing the most extraordinary product and opportunity that this world has ever seen!!!! 🙂

  • Nerium brings out the best in everyone. My favorite part of the Bash was the personal stories of how Nerium AD has changed their entire life!!

  • Linda Meeh says:

    Every bash is better than the one before… Dallas, Nashville, here we come Vegas!

  • We are having the time of our lives at Nerium!

  • Las Vegas was awesome! Can u imagine the size fo the room for thousands of people, the thrill, excitement, the loving, caring, sharing? I am so happy to be a part of the Nerium wave! Thank you!

  • Pam Smith says:

    Nerium is on FIRE, Great company that has the best BASH and can’t wait for Nashville in July

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