Nerium- Sandy Storm

By October 30, 2012Nerium

Our hearts and thoughts are with our Nerium family affected by the devastation and destruction caused by Sandy. During this time of recovery, we will continue to offer our normal resources for all Brand Partners and Preferred Customers. We are also actively working on ways to support not only the affected region in its entirety, but to help our Nerium family in the northeast with their specific situations.


If you are in the affected region and you see a specific need, please email it to We want to make sure that you’re safe and secure.

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  • John Hawkins says:

    Sandy, I have a preferred customer that has to cancel. How id I go about canceling them.

  • Dr. Jacque says:

    Nerium Ripple in effect!!!! This is so wonderful! My heart goes out to those affected by this Storm! Let’s make those donations to Red Cross! People on the East Coast are still in need! Thank you, Nerium International!

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