Nerium International Sponsors Teen Workshops about Using the Slight Edge

By November 27, 2012Nerium International

As part of the Fall Bash Tour, Nerium International invested in the personal development of teens and preteens. In Nashville, Dallas, and Anaheim, the lives of over 800 teens were impacted by free workshops, underwritten by Nerium, and drawing on inspiration found in the book SUCCESS for Teens: Real Teens Talk about Using the Slight Edge. It’s all part of the Nerium Ripple, which comes out of a belief in the importance of community involvement to improve lives.

Founder and CEO of Nerium International, Jeff Olson, wrote The Slight Edge to share how small daily decisions add up over time, and eventually comprise the bigger choices in life. Teens participating in the workshops learned how to create a philosophy of action and attitude, and how to use new ways of thinking to make wise decisions in every area of their lives. Olson delivered messages based on his knowledge and experience, and a wide variety of additional speakers joined him to contribute wisdom to the workshops.

Speakers talked about their paths to success, and they didn’t limit the discussion to financial achievement. Rather, the speakers shared personal stories of their own lives, revealing how their journeys of personal development and self discovery have carried them into the lives they have today. Participants in the workshops had the opportunity to connect with each other, engaging in activities like building Dream Boards, and much more. The underlying message of the workshops focused on a very simple concept: today’s actions shape tomorrow’s reality.

In order to boost the life-altering experience of the workshops, Nerium presented each participant with a copy of “SUCCESS for Teens: Real Teens Talk About Using the Slight Edge”. As Leah McCann, Development Director for the SUCCESS Foundation, summed it up, “It is our greatest passion to help kids achieve their highest dreams. We believe in the power of using these tools and guidelines from The Slight Edge philosophy and see bright futures ahead for all of us with these kids. It is inspiring to see Nerium’s founders and leadership team’s dedication to helping the next generation of teens succeed. We share this passion and look forward to growing our partnership with Nerium. “Feedback collected from attendees thus far has been positive, full of affirmation of lessons learned, and a desire to act on the information gleaned.

Nerium is committed to personal development, particularly that of the next generation, and has a deep interest in helping young people succeed. The company participates in many community outreach programs, including Big Brothers Big Sisters. It’s all part of the deeply held belief in the importance of improving lives, which is manifested in Nerium International’s groundbreaking products, rooted in science, and designed to make consumer’s lives better. For more information, or to become a Nerium brand partner, visit the Nerium website.


Nerium International hosts teen workshop to help inspire teens to succeed

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  • Nerium creating a culture of positive action and attitude in our teens! Wow! As a former youth counselor I am so proud of this company and this program. My desire is to take it my local schools and create a Nerium Ripple in Reno-Sparks, Nevada. WELL DONE NERIUM! Living the Slight Edge!

  • Lori says:

    I love that Nerium gives back so much to enhance our growth as well as for our children. Awesome!

  • disqus_oYAsBvjidx says:

    Nerium’s bash was more than I EVER expected. I have finally found something for ME and to develop ME. My favorite part was the surprise speaker of Shawn Achor – he is my main man now and we had a laugh when I wanted him to sign my iPad because that’s how I read books. He was a bit confused but I made the happy guy SMILE! What fun and and such a learning experience for me!

  • So proud to be associated with this company..

  • What an amazing company… is not just about skin!

  • Isabel Ward says:

    Nerium International is truly a loving, caring, sharing company that believes in personal development for the entire family, not just for its Brand Partners! This makes me very happy!

  • Rachel Berry says:

    It’s so refreshing to see a company not only concerned with the bottom line, but rather the people in the field and their families… Loving, Caring, and Sharing!

  • I love this I am so excited to take my pre-teens to this event at the February Bash in Dallas. It will be great. I love how this company is unlike any company in that its so family oriented.

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