Nerium International Sponsors Emmys Party Benefiting Charities

On Saturday, September 14, Nerium International was a proud sponsor of Secret Room Eventsannual Red Carpet Style Lounge in Los Angeles; this style lounge honored the nominees of the 65th annual Emmy Awards.


During the lavish invite-only event, celebrities including Sofia Milos (“CSI: Miami”), Patrick Kilpatrick (“Minority Report”), Constance Zimmer (“Entourage”, “House of Cards”, “The Newsroom”), Christina Robinson (“Dexter”), and Michael Madsen (“Reservoir Dogs”) learned about the benefits of NeriumAD Age-Defying Treatment and its exclusive, patented NAE-8 extract.  


Honoring the 65th Primetime Emmys, the Red Carpet Style Lounge benefited the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. The Huffington Post voted their gift lounge Best Gift Suite, and it was the only gift lounge featured in a full-page spread in OK! Magazine. Representatives of Nerium International greeted attendees, who were excited to learn more about the multiple skincare concerns addressed by NeriumAD, including the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, enlarged pores, aging skin, and uneven skin texture.


The celebrities in attendance lavished praise on NeriumAD, saying: “The best thing is that it’s one product that addresses multiple concerns.” “It’s such a time saver to not have to have a system. I work all day long on set shooting, so simple  timesaver.” “I’m blown away by the before and after photos – 30 days or less!”


Nerium’s Directors of Field Operations and Gold International Marketing Directors, Mark and Tammy Smith, were on hand at the gifting suite. Said Mark, “I’m excited that we are natural, GMO free, paraben free, and cruelty free – celebrities care about quality products that are natural, and it’s wonderful to represent first-class product at a first-class event.”


To see all photos from the event on our Facebook page, courtesy of Happy Photos, please click here, or to read the official press release click here. Nerium International Logo

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  • Brandi Welling Giba says:


  • Cherry Doran Johnson says:

    Love my Nerium Day and Night!! So excited to hear great testimony from people who are already using and love the product. #Nerium #antiaging #real

  • Shana Teel Purkey says:

    This is so exciting! I’m so impressed that Nerium is doing this kind of marketing and promotion FOR us! Thank you so much Nerium!

  • Teresa Fay says:

    I am so pleased & proud to have had Nerium products featured in the Red Carpet Style Lounge and hosted by none other than the wonderful Mark & Tammy Smith! Its wonderful that our fabulous day & night creams are reaching a bigger market every day!

  • Jolie says:

    Such exciting times…a World Class product & a World Class brand!!

  • Kimberly L. Cuza says:

    What an honor for Nerium to be selected to be apart of this ‘Best Gift Suite’! It’s an honor to be affiliated with such an amazing company with such an amazing product!

  • Ann Claussen says:

    So thrilled to have Emmy nominees recognize the exclusive benefits of our amazing product, Nerium AD!! So glad I get to take this Nerium ride and realize the benefits of building a business with the best product and leadership team in the industry!!!!

  • Anne Kerry Ford says:

    Soon every celebrity will be crowing about Nerium, as the word is out that you can look your best and still look like yourself!

  • Karen says:

    So so proud to be apart of something so big

  • David H says:

    Nerium is getting National exposures through events like the Emmy’s , later this week on the show the View and National Magazines such as Beautiful You and Success from Home! Love the products, the New Day Cream is enhancing the NeriumAD night time. Getting great feedback from my clients and brandpartners!! Thank you Nerium!

  • homiedr says:

    What this means to me is even more credibility!

  • Lovin’ that Nerium was rocking the red carpet again at the Emmy Awards! When you have a product as remarkable as ours it is no wonder celebrities and everyone else with skin wants to try Nerium!

  • LaureenForman says:

    It’s so wonderful that Nerium International is out there introducing NeriumAD to the world all Brand Partners. It’s so amazing to have the support that we have from the entire Nerium Family.

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  • Clauro says:

    Everyone is hearing about the amazing Nerium AD! Love the simplicity of Nerium AD ONE STEP system!

  • Sherry Alonso says:

    I am thrilled to have the opportunity, at this time and place, to be a proud BP of Nerium International. Timing is everything!

  • Emily Newbrandpartnertraining says:

    This was an amazing event to be connected to. I am so grateful to be partnered with a company that is dedicated to providing the best marketing for it’s Brand Partners. Thank you Nerium for your love and dedication to our success and growth! Nerium rocks!

  • valerie Holloway says:

    So excited about where this company is going and what it offers us as brand partners!

  • Wendi Shaffner says:

    Nerium is taking the time and money to build the Brand Name for us. It is such a gift to be a part of a company with such interest in Brand partner’s Success. Thank you Nerium! Your skin cream is amazing and so is the management!

  • Fun to learn about the stars who “happen” to already be using Nerium as they share their results stories. Would love to see any followups on the stars who were given test bottles at the Emmys!

  • audrea says:

    wow!! this is so exciting! soon all the world will know about this amazing product! were going to be a youthful human race!

  • tomdoiron says:

    Just amazing that Nerium International will go to such expence for promotional purposes only to help all of their Brand Partners increase the sales and consequential income. What a CEO, Nerium Interantional has in Jeff Olson!

  • Keely Gaston Nations says:

    Having our Nerium product showcased means that we are sharing our product that we truly love and also spreading the word!

  • Mary Bergin McCracken says:

    NeriumAD will be the most widely recognized and respected anti-aging product! Im incredibly proud to be associated with a company that really cares about offering a product of real value and a company that believes in giving back and Making People Better!

  • kbs1138 says:

    It’s awesome how Nerium has worked to get the brand noticed to help enhance what brand partners are doing.

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