Nerium International Partners with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America Inc. as Part of Nerium’s ‘Ripple Program’

By November 30, 2012Nerium International


Nerium reviews are full of evidence that Nerium International is a company that believes in outreach. Nerium’s mission is simple: Make People Better. This includes creating positive changes, or positive ripples, in everyday life. To further this vision, the Nerium Ripple Program was launched, challenging Brand Partners to take responsibility on their own and collectively change the world. That’s why in September 2012, as part of this program, Nerium partnered with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, which is an organization that “pays it forward” in a very meaningful yet practical way. Explaining why Big Brothers Big Sisters is the chosen partner organization, Co-Founder and VP of Marketing and Culture Amber Olson Rourke said, “The biggest ripple you can create is by impacting the life of another. Big Brothers Big Sisters is a natural extension of The Nerium Ripple. We look forward to seeing Nerium Brand Partners fill the need of ‘Bigs’ across the country and impacting their communities in a ‘big’ way!”



Nerium big brother team- Craig Cowan and Shane Clary. Craig became a Big to Shane years ago, and they still have a very strong relationship.


For their part, Big Brothers Big Sisters representatives are excited about the partnership as well. Charles Pierson, president and Chief Executive Officer of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, said, “We are very excited about our new relationship with Nerium and its Brand Partners. Nerium International’s financial and volunteer support will allow us to carefully match more children who face adversity in long-term mentoring relationships to help them succeed in school and life.” Lowell Perry, Vice President of corporate partnerships for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, added: “It is very exciting when two organizations committed to personal enrichment lock arms and aims around a common cause. Big Brothers Big Sisters is providing a vehicle for Nerium Brand Partners to make a huge “ripple” that will ensure all children, regardless of current socio-economic status, will have that slight edge needed to embark on a successful pursuit of the American Dream.” Big Brothers Big Sisters can only benefit from such a passionate group of Nerium Brand Partners. Throughout our nationwide mentoring network of more than 340 local affiliates, there’s a dedication to improving the lives of children. Combined with enthusiastic support from all levels of Nerium International, you end up with a recipe with the potential to have an unprecedented impact in the youth empowerment business.”


The response of the Brand Partners has been overwhelming, as volunteers continue to step up to fill the necessary role of “Bigs”. So far, over one hundred Nerium Brand Partners have volunteered to fill this need, and Nerium as a corporation has also impacted the organization with sizable financial contributions. To date, Nerium has raised more than $70,000, and is on track to bring that number to $100,000 by the end of the year.  The mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters is to foster positive and enduring one-to-one mentor relationships with children facing adversity, and it’s a mission Nerium wholeheartedly supports.


Whether impacting the life of children by joining forces with Big Brothers Big Sisters, empowering teenagers to make positive choices at “Slight Edge” workshops, or improving the lives of consumers through the sale of break through products, rooted in groundbreaking science, Nerium International does its part to make the world  a better place. To learn more, or to become a Brand Partner, visit To learn about Big Brothers Big Sisters, visit



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