Nerium for Every Age, Part 3: Forties and Fabulous

The forties aren’t what they used to be, thanks in part to companies like Nerium, which use cutting-edge research to further the science of skin care. You might start to see some fine lines or sun damage, but all in all, you probably still look and feel young and healthy. Here, Nerium offers some suggestions to help you keep your skin healthy for years to come.

In your forties, your oil production decreases.


This means that, even if you have oily skin, it’s important to use a good moisturizer to replenish the moisture your skin is losing. Additionally, over forty skin loses fat in the subcutaneous layers, and the dermis loses elasticity, while the deepest layer of the skin becomes thicker, because your cells do not replenish themselves as quickly.

It’s time to up the ante on your cleansing routine.

Nerium-Results-Skin-CareYou already know the importance of cleansing your face thoroughly and removing makeup before bedtime. In your forties, add weekly exfoliation to the routine to reduce the buildup of dead skin cells.

Be careful with alpha hydroxy acids.


While these can dissolve protein bonds and strip away the dead epidermal cells, they can also make skin more vulnerable to sunlight, and thin it severely if they are overused.


Choose a night cream with proven, natural ingredients.

Nerium-skin-care-fortiesNeriumAD is one such product, developed by the scientists at Nerium Skincare, to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration, uneven skin texture, enlarged pores, and other signs of aging skin. Proved in third-party trials, NeriumAD has received rave reviews from customers who can’t believe the improvement in their skin in a matter of days – skin appears firmer, eyes appear less puffy, and small wrinkles begin to greatly diminish in appearance. In your forties, you want something effective but gentle, that will help your outside match the way you feel inside, with proven science to support its efficacy. NeriumAD is made using premium ingredients, including not only the extract of the Nerium oleander plant, but also aloe, a premium protein blend, and many other nutrients that nourish the skin and provide dramatic results.

Keep up the healthy lifestyle to keep up your looks!

A healthy weight may be more difficult to maintain than it was in your younger years, but it’s important to avoid yo-yo dieting, and focus on loading up on antioxidants and lean proteins. Keep drinking water, and make sure to get sufficient rest each night, to keep your skin youthful.
Your forties will be a great time in your life, and using products like those created by Nerium to keep your skin vibrant will make those years even better. To learn more about Nerium skincare products or to read Nerium reviews, please visit our Nerium website. Then connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest to learn more.


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