Bethenny TV Show Features NeriumAD!

NeriumAD’s getting quite the buzz nowadays! You know how depressing the news can be, so it was a breath of fresh air to have CBS News do an investigative report on us, and to have their investigation turn up what we all know: that NeriumAD provides real results! In fact, the testers for this report like our products so much, they’re continuing to use them!


Kellie Pickler

It looks like Kellie Pickler digs Nerium AD

What about people who aren’t testing our product as part of their job, though? When we were backstage at the American Country Awards, we met up with country music artist and television personality Kellie Pickler. She was beyond excited to get her hands on NeriumAD, exclaiming, “”Wow! Are those results real? I’m definitely going to try Nerium!”


Since she’s no longer Sabrina the Teenage Witch, actress Melissa Joan Hart can’t just cast a spell to conjure up younger skin, so she’s excited to use NeriumAD as well – she was even featured with NeriumAD in OK! Magazine!


Finally, if you tuned in to the Bethenny tv show on January 21, you may have noticed that NeriumAD was not only featured, but gifted to every audience member!


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