Nerium Family- Newtown 26 Acts of Kindness

By December 19, 2012Nerium International, People

As last Friday unfolded, we learned of the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. In times such as this, it’s natural to want to help. In the Nerium family, it’s second nature. We’ve discussed this quite a bit at our corporate office: what’s the best way to help? Is there a way to have a meaningful impact after such a terrifying, devastating, earth-shattering tragedy?
The answer is yes. You’re all familiar with the Nerium Ripple program. The purpose of the Nerium Ripple is to individually take responsibility and collectively change the world. We can do this.
The unimaginable atrocities in Newtown made us all too cognizant of the evil that is present in the world. How can evil be overcome? Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., said the following: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.” Our job is to be the light.
Journalist Ann Curry tweeted over the weekend, encouraging everyone to commit 20 mitzvahs/acts of kindness in honor of each of the children who lost their lives at Sandy Hook Elementary, and asked her followers to retweet it to indicate that they’d participate as well. Following that tweet, her followers encouraged her to raise the number to 26 – so she did. These 26 Acts of Kindness have taken on a life of their own, and people around the world are bringing light into what can be a very dark and scary place.
Nerium family, we encourage you to participate in the 26 Acts of Kindness. This article from Buzzfeed has many, many suggestions. Remember that acts of kindness have many, many different faces. Imagine the ripple that we can all create, and imagine how much light we can bring into the world.

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