You Asked for Her and We Brought Her: Tiffany!

By October 30, 2013People

Tiffany Aleem Nerium

Now it’s Time to Learn More About Tiffany!

What I love most about my role at Nerium is that I’m able to help my co-workers with questions and concerns, and that enables us to perform to the best of our abilities.


“Sharing” is the core value I identify with most because I’m always sharing my knowledge, my food, my time and my joy!


The positive feedback I get from my peers and support team here at Nerium always inspires me.


Loving. Caring. Sharing. It’s REAL here at Nerium and that is why I chose to work here!


I always wanted to be a teacher when I was younger.


If I could have one super power, it would be flying. I hate traffic!


My sensitivity is what I love most about myself.


Superstar, Next Friday, The Color Purple, She’s Out of Your League, Simon Birch,  and the Transformers series are just a few movies I can watch over and over! Just to name a few!


Cooking and now working out are my hobbies!


Dr Pepper is my guilty pleasure.


Mexican, Italian, or any foods with cheese or sour cream are among my favorites.


Next at Six Flags was the first concert I attended.


I have a phobia of bugs: beetles, roaches, waterbugs, big daddy long legs, anything that’s little and crawls or flies.


I got one of my scars when I got burned with a curling iron


Having my daughter was one of my proudest moments. I didn’t realize it then, but I definitely appreciate it now!


I cannot leave my house without Carmex.


My car was the best gift I ever received.


Brandy, Martin, and the Golden Girls are my favorite television shows.


Smacking, disobedient kids, people who walk around in socks then get in the bed, people who keep saying hello when they answer their phone and the person on the other end can’t hear them, and people who always beg for your food are among my pet peeves.


I have lived in Virginia Beach, VA and in the DFW Metroplex


If I could invite anyone to a dinner party I would chose: my Grannie Ayesha because I miss her and want to know how she’s doing in Paradise, Bob Marley because I LOVE him, and my daughter Ayana because she brings me joy every day!


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