Everything you wanted to know about Kaminsky: A member of the Nerium Family

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Say Hello to Kaminsky, one of the Nerium team

I love everything about my role at Nerium International. I get to work with various departments to ensure that we resolve the customers’ issues.

The Nerium Core Value I identify with most is “Be Real.” I feel as a company, if we want our BPs to uphold the “loving, caring, sharing” mantra, we have to be 100% real with them.

Life inspires me. I can say that there is not one thing that I see that doesn’t make me want to do at least 1% better than what I was doing before.

I chose Nerium because they accepted me and took me in when I was fresh on the job hunt. I was laid off from a company I had been with for over 6 years.

I wanted to be a paleontologist when I grew up.

Raising snakes, learning about phones, and having fun are a few of my hobbies.

Shopping is my guilty pleasure.

I got one of my scars during a football game.

Bad hygiene is one of my pet peeves.

My great grandmother, my stepfather, and my great aunt are three people I would love to invite to a dinner party.

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