Nerium Staff Profile: Get to Know Christine

By October 7, 2014People

ChristineHi! My name is Christine Wright and I work for Live Happy, LLC. I wear many hats for Live Happy but my title is Customer Service. What I love the most about my role is being a part of a purpose, assisting customers with their happiness needs.

The Nerium Core Value that I identify with the most is “Be Determined”. I began working at Nerium International in the Finance department. I expressed an interest to learn more, and I even applied for a position that I had no experience to do. Although Al Richey and I knew I didn’t have the experience for that job, he kept me in mind to do more with Live Happy in October 2013. My determination has led me to being responsible for Live Happy’s customer service as well as learning other skills in other areas of the company that I never thought would happen for me. I’m grateful and determined to never give up and learn all that I can in order to make a better life for my children and me.



Christine_kids.jpgOutside of my job description, I don’t believe I would need to verbally define myself to someone. My actions and my character speak for me, not my job. What you see is what you get and it’s initially presented with a smile.



I love thriller/ suspense movies and books. I could put “Rosemary’s Baby” on repeat. My favorite book so far is by Stephen King’s Dr. Sleep, which is the sequel to The Shining.



The one thing that I have always wanted to do is overcome my fear of flying, and I accomplished it three months ago. I’ve always had a major fear of it but in order to get my children to Chicago for the summer, I decided to face my fear (and the skip the 16-hour drive) to do it.


If I were to put together a music concert of my favorite artists, you can bet that saxophonist Boney James would be one of the main acts on that bill.



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