Get to know Nerium Support Lead, Phoebe!

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What I like most about my role at Nerium is that I am able to help make a difference in people regarding their growth in Nerium as well as learning and growing from others myself.


The Nerium Core value that I most identify with would be “Practice Servant Leadership.” I believe that with leadership comes service, so I strive to be an example to those around me, by showing that I can also do what we ask them to do.


What inspires me to do my best is that I know that ultimately i’m working for a higher purpose and I don’t want to disappoint. I’m also inspired by a Quote from the book,  LEADERSHIPOLOGY 101. The quote refers to BEST and states, “Those who seek the best must accept the challenge to be their best.”


As a child, I aspired to be a lawyer because I love to debate.


If had a “SUPER” power, I would choose telepathy. I like to know the real thought behind facial expressions.


Two of my favorite movies would be Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and Pete’s Dragon. Ace Ventura because Jim Carrey is hilarious and I love comedy. I appreciated the storyline of Pete’s Dragon.


My favorite dish that I love to make from scratch would be my Seafood Alfredo.


The best material gift(s) I’ve ever received were my heart rings. These were given to me by my parents, one on my 15th birthday and the second for my 21st birthday.


My pet peeve would be someone trying to shorten my name for a nickname.


Prior to Texas, I have lived in Minnesota, Michigan, and Missouri.


If I could invite anyone to my dinner party, it would be my deceased Grandfather so that we could have one last moment together, Denzel Washington because he’s my favorite actor, and Prince because I love his music and it would be cool to talk to him about the times he played music with my father.



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  • Tom Watson says:

    Phoebe rocks. She personally helped me in Vegas at the Nerium international convention. I bet she’d like the v show “lie to me’

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