Look Who it is: Santana, a teammate in the Nerium Corporate Huddle

By October 21, 2013People

Santana Nerium


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What I love most about my role at Nerium is being able to be helpful and give the Brand Partners the answers they need.

“Sharing, loving and caring,” is the core value I identify with most. I pride myself on being someone who will always put others before myself.

Seeing people succeed inspires me. It gives me encouragement to reach my own dreams and goals.

I chose Nerium because I am a positive person and I have never seen a company with so many positive people like me. It’s really uplifting!

My great attitude and upbeat personality are two things I love most about myself!

Aladdin is one movie I can watch over and over!

Pizza and hot wings are two of my favorite foods!

The Scream Tour 2002 was the first concert I attended.

I have a scar on my leg from riding a big wheel when I was 12. My friend pushed me with her bike down a huge hill. She hit a bump and her bike wheel went across my leg and I fell off the big wheel

Giving birth to my daughter, Jordyn, was one of the proudest moments of my life!

When I was in high school, I had a friend buy me something so simple – a clock – but it was my favorite color and they put little Goofy stickers on it, because that was my favorite character. It was very thoughtful and I still have it!

GLEE, Smallville, and House are three of my favorite television shows.

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