Meet Nerium Support Center Superstar, Billy!

By December 18, 2013People

BillyI love my role in Nerium Support because I get to play a role in so many tasks and projects to help customers.


The Nerium core value that I relate with the most is ‘Create a Positive Team Spirit and a Family Atmosphere’


When I was a younger I wanted to be a Game Developer


The “Superpower” I always wanted to turn Super Saiyan! You know every kid who watches ‘Dragon Ball Z’ wants to have their veins pulsate and their body some how looks like its on steroids with your hair flared up in blonde yet be so calm and collected.


As as favorite movies go, I have to say Tron is hands down best visual, content, audio I have ever seen! I remember sitting in the IMAX having already seen Tron in a regular 3D screening but this was taken to another level. In some scenes you could feel the rumbling from the bass like air blowing in your face because it just got real!

While my guilty pleasure is Korean food, I love to bake steak! I notice that when you grill steak it does not stay as juicy as I’d hope, but when I bake the steak its so soft and not dry at all!


I’ve lived in Lancaster PA, Pasadena TX, Plano TX, Sachse TX, and now Addison, TX.


A special guest are my dinner party would be my best friend Phillip Le, because I been through so much of my life with him. He knows how to dance and make other people dance at any party! The other person I would invite is my friend Tiffany Lin! She has been my best friend for so long!


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