Nerium Staff Profile: Get to Know Alexis

By October 22, 2014People

baltimore2013My name is Alexis Marie (second from left in the picture) and I am part of the Commissions Team for Nerium International. I enjoy reading the testimonials from our Brand Partners of how much Nerium has impacted their lives. It lets me know that each of our roles is important and has a positive effect on people, who in some cases we have never met. Outside of my work title, I am a poet and painter. I’m also a hair and make-up artist.

The core value that resonates with me is ‘Practice Servant Leadership’. I love to help people. I feel it gives life greater depth when you can see beyond your own needs and wants to do things for people who are unable or don’t know how. Kindness comes back to you in ways you would never imagine.

I don’t know if role models can be younger than the person who looks up to them,  but I when I thought about this question I thought of my niece, Desiree. She is outspoken and always stands up for what she believes in. She puts her heart into everything she does and keeps herself centered by focusing on her family. It amazes me that a twenty-year -old has so much focus, poise and direction. She inspires me to be a better person.

My favorite book just might be Blood and Gold by Anne Rice. In fact, she’s my favorite author of all time. In my opinion, Anne Rice paints a word picture like no other. One of my favorite movies is “An American Werewolf in Paris.” I loved it because they explored the catacombs and underground tunnels of Paris and the soundtrack rocks!

Before I die, a goal of mine is to stay with an indigenous tribe in the Amazon and learn their ways.

My dream concert would be a literal dream as a couple of the artists aren’t alive anymore. It would be opened by Lila Downs, then Hank Williams, Sr. and/or Patsy Cline would play all their hit songs, then Skrillex would close it down.

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