Nerium Staff Profile: Get to Know Chelsea!

By June 13, 2014People

Chelsea 2As the Senior Brand Manager at Nerium, I oversee the Creative Services and Branding group in the Marketing department. What I love most about my job is being able to work with such awesome people. I love my team, my boss, my co-workers, and the people we do it all for: our Brand Partners.

Our brand vision of “Making People Better” makes every day fulfilling because everything we do ultimately impacts thousands of lives.


The Nerium Core Value I identify with the most is “Encourage an Entrepreneurial Spirit”. When I was a kid, I started a dog-walking service and house-cleaning business and bought my own first bike and first car. I was so proud of that! It lit a fire in me to keep getting outside my comfort zone and being challenged, because that’s when growth happens.


When I came to Nerium International, I was the fourth employee of what was then a tiny start-up. I’ve feel blessed to have had the unique opportunity of helping build a brand from scratch and seeing it grow into one of the top 100 direct-sales companies in the world. Being an entrepreneur is all about taking calculated risks and creating your own luck, and that’s what Nerium is all about. Our business is comprised of entrepreneurs, both at corporate and in the field, and I really feed off that energy.


Professionally, I get a lot of inspiration from success in the field. Those successes help validate the efforts of the corporate team and put our work into perspective.  Personally, my inspiration comes from my family, friends, and faith.


Growing up, I always wanted to be an archeologist! I always loved rocks and still have a giant rock collection from my childhood. Then Indiana Jones convinced me that archaeology was the coolest profession ever, and I was sold. Then I discovered advertising in high school when I was runner-up in a national advertising contest for the “Got Milk?” campaign. Once I saw “What Woman Want,” I changed my mind about archaeology and majored in advertising. And that’s how my career was dictated by Hollywood.


As far as favorite movies go, I could watch “O Brother Where Art Thou?” and “Cinderella Man” over and over again… I love history, so period movies tend to be my favorites.


Speaking of pet peeves, I just have a few. Inconsistency. Insincerity. Unreliability. Entitlement. Huge egos. Headaches. Rudeness. Disorganization. Know-it-alls. Bratty children, especially during church and weddings. Poor work ethic. Selfishness. Grammatical and spelling errors. Traffic. When you let someone over in traffic and they don’t wave thanks. Roaches. Overly sensitive people. Messiness. Bad manners. When the hot water runs out. Ingratitude. Scary movies. Littering. Orange flavored candy. Being interrupted. When people don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom. Texas summers. Shaggy hair on men. Bad listeners.


I was born in Dallas and have lived here ever since! But my favorite hobby is traveling, so I try to get out of DFW as much as possible.


If there were a dinner party where I could invite any one I wanted, it would have to be my maternal grandfather because we were really close and I miss him like crazy, my mom so that she could see her dad again, and…Oprah? But that’s a little awkward. So maybe just my grandfather and my mom.




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