Nerium Staff Profile: Get to Know Jay

By October 17, 2014People

matrimonyMy name is Jay Gunjal and I am the E-mail Marketing Manager for Nerium International where I spend my days neck-deep in putting together the various emails you receive from the corporate office. I have been at Nerium for close to four months and I love every bit of it. I enjoy everything about my job because I work with very fun-loving and hardworking people. I am learning new things every day. When you’re always learning something, a job doesn’t feel like work to me–it feels like your living. Outside of my vocational title, I would define myself as a respectful son, caring brother and loving uncle.



The Nerium Core Value that I most identify with is “Create a Positive Team Spirit and a Family Atmosphere”, because as it says in The Slight Edge, “When you create positive improvements in your life, you create positive ripples that spread out all around you, like a pebble of positivity dropped in a pond.” We all try our best to create positive team spirit with the people we work with every day and we never forget to laugh.



iphone-245aMy life has been impacted by many amazing people, however my role model is always going to be my big brother. He always gives me the confidence that I am capable of doing things that I hardly thought I could handle. Everything I’ve accomplished is all because of his encouragement.  He has a strong work ethic, and I have been watching how hard is working to get where he is today. He is a very powerful force of energy and it feels so lucky to have a brother like him.



I am actually not a big fan of reading but I have a few books that I enjoy. The one that comes to mind now is “The Discovery of India.” It was written by India’s first Prime Minister during his imprisonment. The book basically tells a history of India from the arrival of the Aryans to government affairs under the British Empire.



One of my favorite movies is “Cast Away” by Tom Hanks. It’s an exploration of human survival and the ability of fate to alter one’s life with one major event of plane crash. His fast-paced life is slowed to a crawl and he’s miles away from any human contact. I’s amazed at the way he struggles to survive on the island without any support.



neriumblogWhen I think about a “bucket list” of things to do, I think about freeing these pretty birds that are in a cage at my neighbor’s house. I would also like to have an opportunity to fly a helicopter and see some really fantastic views of earth. I would love to visit castles in Europe and experience their medieval architecture.



If I could put together a dream concert, then Shania Twain, “The Queen of Country Pop”, is one artist who would definitely get booked. My request would be for her to sing, “That Don’t Impress Me Much”, which is one of my favorite songs.

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