Nerium Staff Profile – Get to Know Our Video Producer, Jeremy!

By April 24, 2014People

I’m Jeremy Greene, Video Producer with Nerium International. I love the people I get to work with, all the different types of projects, the live events we produce, and the chance to travel around the country doing what I love.


The Nerium Core Value I identify most with “Have fun and help others have fun”.


jgI love being a part of a company where literally everyone I work with loves their job. We all have a great time doing what we do and the atmosphere here shows it. We work hard but we are all doing the things we love to do and so many new things happen everyday.


I get inspiration from my co-workers and my boss. I learn a lot about myself by working with this great team and I am always seeing ways to add value and lead better.


I always loved music and sound, and played instruments, but was more drawn to the technical side of things. How things worked, why things worked, how to make things better, etc. So I went to school for music production, but got very interested in video production and stuck with it.


Food, Film, and Et cetera.


Two of my favorite films are:

Citizen Kane – great story about a man blind to his own pride until its too late, and because of the production that was far beyond its time.

Back to the Future II – the hover boards


My “Super Power” would be that I could disappear.  A strength of mine is that I believe I have a good eye and ear for what people like. My sensitivity or weakness would be that I can’t figure out how the internet actually works.


My guilty pleasure is hot wings.


One dish I love to make super tart key lime pie.


The best gift I ever received was a 1967 Camaro from my Dad.  Too bad i wrecked it…


I lived in Memphis, Knoxville, Nashville, Dallas


Finally, special guests at my dream dinner party would Jesus, Alexander Graham Bell, Louis C.K.






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