Nerium Staff Profile – Get to Know Joel

By October 10, 2014People

IMG_0062My Name is Joel Beauchamp and I’m an agent with Nerium Support. One of the things I love the most about my role is not only to be able to help our customers and Brand Partners, but I enjoy my co-workers because of their constant encouragement to do the best we can day by day.

I identify with the core value, “Pursue Constant Development of Self”, because I always strive to become a better and more successful person both personally and professionally. I believe that there is always room for more growth.


IMG_0063I define myself as family-oriented man. I’m a spontaneous kind of person who would try almost anything new. My personal role model is actually my mother. She is my friend and confidant, honest and direct. She helps me become a better person.


A favorite movie of mine is “The Help” because of its humor, and my new favorite book is “Out Came Words” by fellow Nerium Support employee, Prudence Sneed, because it’s very heartfelt and real.


IMG_0065One of the things I’ve always wanted to do is learn multiple languages. It would be so great to travel anywhere and have a full conversation with anyone without difficulties. Currently, I’m working on being fluent in at least five languages.

As far as performances that I would love to see, it would be fabulous to see a live performance of The Phantom of The Opera that would infuse the musical talents of Sarah Brightman and Nightwish.



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