Nerium Staff Profile: Get to Know Maya!

By April 18, 2014People

Maya ThomasI currently serve as the Traffic and Marketing Administrator for Nerium International. I LOVE my role here in Marketing because I am able to be hands on with all the materials being created and updated that in turn helps not only the field, but also helps our Support Reps that handle the field on a day to day basis. I love seeing the forms, signage, & promotions come to life to assist our Brand Partners grow and maintain their businesses.

Well here it goes…I was born in Oxnard, California. I was raised in Doyline, Louisiana. I suffered through a portion of the 4th grade living in Pensacola, Florida. I currently reside in Dallas, Texas.


I most identify myself with the “Practice Servant Leadership” core value. I’m happy to assist anyone here at home office and well as in the field in any way possible. I strive to get things done accurately and in a timely fashion, regardless of who asks for my assistance. Performing with a servant-hood attitude has helped me move up here at Nerium, and I am sure it is one of the assets that helped me earn the Get Real award in February of this year!


I’m personally inspired by so many things! Witnessing a God-fearing spirit in people, seeing my children, the constant talk of success from my leaders and peers at corporate, the drive and excitement of the Neriuim Field reps all are things that give me my daily inspiration to do my best at everything I do.


I always knew I wanted to be a positive influence in whatever job or title I held, so I never limited myself to just one “job”. Instead I put my hands in multiple things and I continue to educate myself in multiple areas of our business operations. That way no matter what it is or what I end up doing, I’m able to be effective and happy with my work.


If I could choose a “super” power, it would be the ability to read minds! I would love to jump inside the minds of others. 🙂 My sensitivity is just that…I am sensitive…I am known to take offence to things that were not intended to be offensive. I think I am just an over-analyzer and strive for perfection, so calling out any imperfections tends to get under my skin. 🙁


I am not a big TV/Movie watcher! If I do take the time to sit and watch a movie, I am not one to re-watch it. So many other things to do…so in turn…no favorite movies! 🙂


I LOVE to make roast and potatoes, cabbage greens, with rice and gravy! I am a Southern girl…we learned to cook from scratch at a young age.


My children are by far the best gift I have ever received. I cannot put anything material over the blessing of my two children. Without them, I would not be where I am in life. My Granny also helped me.


I have two main pet peeves: one would be leaving cold dirty dish water in the sink, and the other would be commenting negatively about something I am eating. Like for someone to say “eeewww that looks nasty” about food that I am eating…how rude!


Three guests I would have at my special dream dinner would be my father, Howard “HT” Thomas, whom passed away when I was only 4, Drake (musician), whom I simply adore and would love to meet, and President Obama because it would be such an honor to be in his presence!

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  • Kenya Smythe says:

    Maya is such a great young woman. She is definitely caring and great example of servant leadership.! I can attest to that. Thank you Maya for all the help you been giving Will and I we appreciated. I can also attest to the part of been sensitive 🙂 lol Love you Maya and keep the hard work!

  • Anne-Marie Gosser says:

    Hello Maya! Thank you for all you do and for sharing your story! 🙂

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