Nerium Staff Profiles – Get To Know Gicelle

By November 26, 2014People

Gicelle1My name is Gicelle and I’ve been with Nerium International Corporate since April 2013. I’m a phone agent with Nerium Support and I help with enrollments. I love being able to witness the start of someone’s relationship with Nerium. I also enjoy solving problems and giving our Brand Partner and Preferred Customers the information they need.

Gicelle3I define success as being happy with the life you have and to be present in each moment. Nerium’s Core Values of “Creating a Positive Team Spirit and Family Atmosphere” and “Pursue Constant Development of Self” really help fuel the idea of being present. I’m a believer in the law of attraction. One of the things that attracted me to this company was the sense of family and unity. I’m constantly reading books about growth on the physical, spiritual, mental and/or emotional self-improvement. This way, I can grow and inspire others to grow.
Outside of work, I enjoy the creativity of cooking. I experiment with cooking techniques and ingredients to achieve varying tastes and colors. I’m also involved with various non-profit organizations. I’m currently creating and sharing special care packages for homeless citizens. This will be a year-round activity, not just something for the holidays.



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