Pershevia is in This Week’s Employee Spotlight

By October 16, 2013People

Pershevia NeriumMore from our Esteemed  Coworker Pershevia!

What I love most about my position at Nerium is my job title and duties. I assist in recognizing and rewarding those with iPads, bonuses, or their bottles that they have worked so very hard to achieve!

The Nerium core value I most associate with is “Pursue Constant Development of Self.” This particular Core Value resonates with me because I am constantly trying to better myself, both professionally and personally. I’ll always continue to work towards being the best me that I can be!

My faith and my family inspire me.

Nerium gave me the opportunity to try a different career. I have always chosen jobs that are in my comfort zone. Nerium has challenged me in a way that I have never been challenged before, professionally, and I am very grateful for the opportunity.

I always wanted to be a lawyer!

If I could have one superpower, it would be telepathy. I would love to see what others are thinking for just one day.

I love my ability to nurture and care for others.

I could watch The Notebook and Love Jones over and over.

Reading is one of my hobbies. I’m a HUGE book nerd.

Boston Dream cupcakes are my guilty pleasure. They are literally addicting!

I won three scholarship awards in college.

I’m from Mississippi, which is the Deep South, so I LOVE soul food. Mac n cheese, smothered pork chops and butter cake…Yumm

The first concert I attended was a Heavy-D concert when I was 10 years old.

I am DEATHLY afraid of clowns. One of my quirks would be that I’m EXTREMELY OCD and cannot stand germs with a passion.

I dropped a curling iron on my right shoulder last year and I have a pretty big scar left from that!

Graduating high school and college with two degrees were among the proudest moments of my life!!

Carmex lip balm is something I cannot leave home without. I’m obsessed with it. I constantly put it on every three minutes like a crazy person; it’s weird!

One of the best gifts I have received was my first pair of real pearls my grandmother gave me for my birthday two years ago.

Dancing with the Stars, Grey’s Anatomy and Survivor are three of my favorite shows.

Nail biters, gum smackers and loud laughter are among my pet peeves.

If I could invite anyone to a dinner party it would be Marilyn Moore, Oprah and Michael Jackson, for the entertainment!



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