It’s Shamsha! One of Nerium Corporate’s Special People

By October 24, 2013People

Shamsha Nerium


What Makes you Tick, Shamsha?

I love working at Nerium for many reasons, but my main ones are being able to work with my amazing, supportive co-workers, and doing what I love to do, writing!

I think “Be Real” resonates with me most. Being the most authentic version of myself, with everyone I meet, is very important to me, both personally and professionally.

Anything in this wide world that captures my eye inspires me. I spend my days searching for beauty in the humdrum and sublime. For inspiration with writing, however, I seek ideas in other people’s perspectives. I think you can temporarily inhabit someone’s mind, if you understand their words.

I chose Nerium because working somewhere with a positive environment, where people are constantly motivated to transform their lives, is amazing and inspirational in many ways! It allows room for growth, change and wards off mental stagnation.

I wanted to be an Egyptologist all through middle school. I was obsessed with archaeology and ancient civilizations.

I’d love to fly with wings! You could see the whole world and skip traffic everywhere!

My unique perspective and strength of character are two things I love about myself.

My hobbies include: reading, writing, jewelry making, antiquing, exploring the world around me, listening to live music, or anything creative, really.

Cupcakes, or any other delicious form of carbs, are my guilty pleasure. I love refined sugar.

I have won several awards for excellence in various nerdy, scholarly pursuits.

Vegetarian, sustainable foods are my favorite. I’m a food hippie.

Cat Power in Boston, MA was the first concert I attended.

For my 24th birthday, I had a star named after me! It was such a unique, memorable gift.

I have lived in NYC, NY, Boston, MA, and my favorite: Dallas, TX! 

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