The Importance of Events

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It’s not everyday that you get to be a part of history. If you attended a Real Resolution Bash in January of 2012, you heard from Co-Founder and Corporate Liaison Renee Olson that you’re partnered with a company that is already making history! In less than six months, Nerium International put itself on the map by becoming the youngest company to ever be featured in Success from Home magazine. How can you capitalize on this accomplishment to build your Nerium business?


Relationship marketing is based upon just that: relationships. Relationships are fostered by shared experiences and events. Events are key to your success in this industry. By utilizing the relationships you already have, you have a terrific foundation to begin the path to your successful life with Nerium.


As Renee mentioned, it’s events that are crucial. Not just one event, but a constant series of events. It’s important to build from event to event. How can you do this?


Prior to your events, consider this: every person you invite has the potential to increase the amount of zeros on your paycheck. Conversely, every person you DON’T invite has the power to reduce the amount of zeros on your check. This alone should be motivation enough to reach out to everyone on your list! Set a number of people to invite for each event, and make sure you reach (or exceed) that goal every time.


In The Slight Edge, Jeff Olson refers to a flywheel: to get any real momentum, you have to apply consistent forward motion. Each individual push may not seem as though it’s very important; however, one day you’ll find it remarkable how smoothly and easily the flywheel is moving. So it should be when driving your events: each bit of work you put in feeds your forward momentum. You have to constantly keep pushing but, over time, the pushing will become easier.


Once you’ve invited everyone and followed up with them (and let them know that you’re looking forward to seeing them!), it’s time for the event. Even if you’re not the host of the event, arrive early. Offer to help the hosts. Make it a point to greet each person, and treat them as if they’re guests in your home.


During the event, give it your all. Turn off your phone, pay attention, and interact.


After the event, you’ll have some great momentum and excitement. Use that to build to the supplement. Most importantly: treat the post-event as its own event! This “event after the event” makes it personal for all attendees. This will help to lock your group in and will work to foster your relationships – both the ones you’ve had for years, and the new ones you’re beginning at each event.


Finally: show up. This sounds very elementary and, in a way, it is. However, it’s the most important part. It’s a fact that not every person who attends every event earns $10,000 per month. You’ll notice, though, that every person who DOES earn $10,000 per month is at every single event.


Remember: you’re in a position to change lives. Don’t you want to change as many as possible?

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  • I just started with Nerium almost a month now and although I missed my first goal to become fast start qualify in my first month, I have more energy and desire to move forward with Nerium. Thank you for this Real Opportunity!

    • Dileep says:

      Hi, this looks so great!!Unfortunately, I cant make it to the event but I want to know how can I see the video of this interesting event.Thanks a lotMelany TovarMarketing ExecutiveTDC Events Int

  • Linda Gouin says:

    Me too Leonardo! I just started with Nerium as well. Truly an answer to prayer. I was laid off my office job in November 2011. I too feel that same drive and desire and energy to move forward. Thank you Jesus! And thank you Pam and Jessi.

  • Vero says:

    I just started with Nerium alosmt a month now and although I missed my first goal to become fast start qualify in my first month, I have more energy and desire to move forward with Nerium. Thank you for this Real Opportunity!

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  • There is no replacement for what happens at a bash – you meet new people and develop new relationships, you get more nuggets of info and also, things become clearer! As Jeff says, your faith and desire becomes greater after each event – it really is amazing how true that is. The inspiration and the person you become after an event cannot happen if you are not there!

  • Tracy Baker says:

    Dallas Spring Bash was unbelievable for me… just meeting Shawn Achor and David Byrd… If you would have gone to hear either of these men speak you would have paid much more then attending the event.

    then you add all the inspiration from this Family…

    I had my Success from Home signed by as many NMD’s as I could. Now when the coo coo’s get me down I can turn to those pages and read “why not You” from Puya or “To the Top” from Kathy and so many more…

    All of that Priceless…
    Most important I got my picture with Nate.. that is framed right next to my picture of Mickey Mouse on my desk….

  • We have experienced this first hand. Nerium International systems for a successful business, and the tools they provide at the events has been a key difference in our business. We are traditional business owners, and have built strong business relationships, learning to utilize the Slight Edge and the systems are both financially rewarding but personally fantastic! Showing up to the events is key to the foundation of your business.

  • Donna Shanks says:

    I believe that events are critical for success!! Whether they are local, regional or national events.

    You really need to attend to get the training so you can be a better team leader and to remain positive. The events also help you to build relationships with your team and others in the organization.

    I just attended the Nerium Dallas Bash and I had a great time. The people, the training and the PARTY were off the hook!! We know how to party at Nerium International!!

  • Nerium International’s Dallas Bash was incredible! I learned SO much about events. I live in Massachusetts and CANNOT wait to hear Jeff Olson speak to our New England crowd. I am gathering ALL my friends!

  • Kathy Blair says:

    Every time you hear a presentation from an NMD you reinforce your training. I was fortunate last night to hear from two NMDs I hadn’t heard before in San Diego. This helps me get better when I am speaking to a potential customer or brand partner.

  • I am looking forward to the Vegas Bash!

  • Nerium events are some of the best, most informative events I have ever been to. I’m so glad to be a part of Nerium International!

  • Nerium events are not hype & rah rah. They are valuable periods of substance. Nerium International invests heavily in their Brand Partners at their “Bashes” through business, personal development & life-skills all-you-can-eat training. I call it “Fuel & Nourishment” for success.

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