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Product Claims

The success of NeriumAD continues to break records across the United States. With this success it becomes even more critical for us at the corporate office and for our Brand Partners to make sure that no claims are made for or about the product that could cause regulatory issues.

We ask that you make sure that any communications in any form follow these rules:

1.    The only type of issues that you can market NeriumAD for is reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, enlarge pores, uneven texture, and aging skin.

2.    Any reference to any type of skin disease from acne, rosacea, eczema, etc. cannot be connected to NeriumAD. No claims of wound healing or anything similar is allowed.

3.    There can be no statement of how NeriumAD makes changes at the cellular level or any comments about making physical changes to the skin.

4.    Claims that NeriumAD can replace any prescribed medications are prohibited.

5.   NeriumAD is not a medical grade cream and is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.

We recognize that there are many people having wonderful results with the product but we must continue to enforce our Policies and Procedures. Anyone found making claims contrary to Nerium’s policies risk having their Brand Partnership terminated. If you have verbiage or pictures demonstrating any of the prohibited claims we ask that you terminate using them immediately, and remove any claims you have posted on any medium (social media sites, websites, marketing materials, etc.).

Communication with our Partners

We continue to have a number of people in the field contacting our partners and other associated companies and these contacts are specifically forbidden in our Policies and Procedures:

1.18  Contacts. Brand Partners are to limit all corporate communication to the office and staff of the Company. No direct contact is to be made with the Company’s partners, suppliers, consultants, or hired professionals without the express written approval of the Company.

All inquiries about NeriumAD or the companies involved should be directed to Nerium International.

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  • Aurora says:

    I attended a presentation at Sheraton Hotel here in San Diego and one of the speakers cited that his gf’s face was full of acne and after she used NeriumAD, her face looks much better. He did not mmention that Nerium AD cured her acne, but the subliminal implication is NeriumAD cured her acne. Anyway, thanks for the corporate reminder. It’s good to be reminded all the time.

  • John H says:

    Wow…..sounds like someone is screwing up!Not good for the company!

  • Candy Duncan says:

    So Happy to be Part of a group that has so much to offer in the way of support, encourgament,building with my up line superior product and compensation.

  • mjane soriano says:

    can i know if that is available here already?…and how much is it?thanks

    • Lydia Conley says:

      Are you inquiring about the cost of the product? If so, you can buy it at retail price for 110.00 +shipping and tax or get it on automatic delivery and save $30- product is $80 + shipping and tax.

    • Marie Poston says:

      mjane – if you would like information about NeriumAD please feel free to contact me. Marie 559-970-4272

  • Patty Mefford says:

    Thank you for that clarification, I have heard several claims about our product that I have been searching for the documentation to support. As a new brand partner, I am thankful for this important reminder.

  • Marcy Scott says:

    I am sooo blessed to see the awesome support we have.

    From the begining, we have been coached to protect, what I call ‘the Golden Goose’. However many don’t read on…Many don’t realize that it’s not just a kit with a bunch of bottles – it’s, for lack of a better word, a store. Knowing the Rules and Regs (Policies and Procedures), even if we don’t know EVERYTHING about the product we’re promoting, is critical before we open our doors.

    In our excitement to share an awesome product, we forget that we’re in partnership with very ethical and prominent companies. Thanks again Nerium Intl for reminding us to PROTECT THE GOLDEN GOOSE, and speak what is published.

    I am honored to share my success with you.

  • There was debate amongst leaders in our area regarding using digital photos of things other than wrinkles, lines, hyper pigmentation, tone, texture etc…. How I understand it is we need to delete scar, acne, eczema etc photos from our ipads and or any presentations material. Others say its ok to show them as long as no claims are made while showing them… whats the verdict?

  • I just started using Nerium less than 2 wks ago and I’m convinced that it is the best thing ever. I have used many many products and have done Botox and restilin, which did work for a time, but for long term use, I believe I will be just as happy with the results in Nerium, without the pain. Next week I plan to become a Brand Partner and I’m thrilled to be a part of this amazing product.

  • lisa says:

    Hi, I’ve read so much about Medium. Id like to find out how to go about becoming a member and partner. If its possible. Please contact me. Thx

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