The Science Behind: Nerium Oleander Cultivation


United States-based commercial farming operations have been established for the cultivation of the Nerium oleander plant. With an eye towards environmentally responsible and earth-friendly farming operations, fields of Nerium oleander provide the raw material for Nerium SkinCare’s botanical extracts. Utilizing strict biomedical field protocols, the farm provides a dedicated and renewable biomass resource reserved exclusively for biotechnology research, product development, and production.
Thus, the commercial farming operations provide Nerium SkinCare the ability to control the entire process from seedlings through production to ensure quality and consistency. With twelve years of Nerium oleander commercial farming experience to date, Nerium SkinCare continues to focus on research, new technology, and scientific testing at the field level. The science behind Nerium SkinCare’s product development starts here.
Joel Curtis is the Director of Farm Operations for Nerium Biotechnology. Curtis has a degree in Entomology and minors in Horticulture and Chemistry. His science background and years of experience in growing Nerium oleander, coupled with his knowledge of farming techniques in orchards, are woven into the development of a nontraditional and unique Nerium oleander plantation. Current farming operations adhere to strict EPA protocols, utilizing selected natural growing procedures and products. Land utilization and field plant capacity have increased with the development of improved planting and irrigation techniques, and plans for future field expansion are in place.
Continuing research and utilization of modern farming methods and analysis has provided for increased yields, active component content, and quality of plant biomass. The optimum harvest periods have been identified, and proprietary technologies are utilized to mill the harvested Nerium oleander leaves into the biomass used for manufacturing of the botanical Nerium Extracts. Analytical testing continues at the biomass processing level for quality control and consistency.
The resulting proprietary Nerium oleander biomass is utilized in the new patent-pending extraction process NBio-PLÇ™. This unique process provides the Nerium extract NAE-8™ for Nerium SkinCare’s “first of class” product formulation and manufacturing.
From a historical perspective, the initial farming operations provided for the transition of the Nerium oleander plant from the nursery environment to commercial farming. It began with the establishment of a field for biotechnology research. At the time, there were no commercial Nerium oleander farming operations. The planting and irrigation techniques had not been developed. Says Curtis, “You could not go to the local farm equipment dealer and buy Nerium oleander harvesting equipment. Needless to say, the Commercial Farming Operations had to be built from the ground up.”
Curtis continues, “Today we have established the largest Nerium oleander farming operation in the United States, if not the world. We continue to increase field capacity with new planting and irrigation techniques, provide for development of new harvesting equipment, the expansion
of biomass processing facilities, the development of proprietary processing techniques, and development of new biomass processing equipment for biotechnology research, product development, and commercial product production.”
All associated with this project are proud to join with the American farmer to provide a crop with the potential to provide humanitarian benefit. Curtis expresses his feelings this way: “To me, this is more than a field of dreams. It is truly a field of life.”


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  • Billy Syms says:

    It really is amazing how well this plant works. the extract NEA-8. I am totally happy using this product and i want the whole world to know about it. I look better and that makes me feel better and those feelings attract more of the same right back at me. Real Science. Backed up. Now… Whats not to like about that… in fact this NeriumAD had and is changing my life! I have picked back up my guitar and I am back singing again. Who Knows I might sing a song at the next fall bash in California. I heard they like somewhere over the rainbow… ok I can do that… lol have a great day.

  • danettegreen says:

    It’s fascinating to me that this amazing Nerium product came from nature! That
    makes it even better.

  • Darla Soto says:

    Nerium has Real Science with Real Results. Being a Farm girl, I really appreciate that Nerium is plant based and not man made chemicals!!! I love seeing the Orchard and hearing Joel Curtis talk about the Field of Life.

  • Love that Nerium is a plant based product and that Nerium International has farmers like Curtis who truly care about the farms.

  • Sherry Johnson says:

    What a great article about the Nerium Oleander biomass. I love that Nerium AD’s active ingredient also has so much potential to make a difference on a larger, humanitarian level!

  • pershevia smith says:

    It is amazing that this unique product was created from nature. What a great product that truly provides real results!

  • Misty says:

    It’s interesting to learn about the true origins of NeriumAD. A product that comes from nature – it can’t get any better than that!

  • neriumamber says:

    The science behind the extraction of the Nerium Oleander plant is revolutionary for skincare!

  • What great information we get from Nerium… I love to read how and where our Nerium oleander plants are harvested….

  • Matthew L says:

    It is exciting that Nerium truly uses mother nature to develop a product that benefits mankind. Hopefully more people will give Nerium a try and see the positive results for themselves!

  • Setria James says:

    NeriumAD utilizes one of humans greatest resource…nature!

  • Zoe Morris says:

    Nerium AD is an amazing product from the Nerium Oleander Plant that has been researched for years. I love how safe the product is!

  • Denise V says:

    Nerium is a great product, and its amazing that it came from a plant!

  • Erica Chang says:

    So amazing how Nerium was just discovered.

  • Lisa Rababy says:

    I come from a very “granola, crunchy” background….The more I dig information up about Nerium AD….the more I believe and stand by this amazing product and company.

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